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I see it necessary to inform people about a warranty issue with a 2012 Camper Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2904ss the trailer was setting to low causing one tire to hit undercarriage and we were 600 pounds under manufactures weight limits. I contacted Mr. Yoder about this issue end of Sept. 2015 then an email with pictures of the problem was sent to him on Oct. 03, 2015 in which he decided to accept this as a warranty issue. He decided to... Read more

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I Have a Forest River Forester 2 1/2 years old 2013. I have had nothing but trouble with this Motorhome. Lots of things had to be replace. Like slide room motor, jacks, A/C , rear view camera had to be replace. But what broke the camels back is the roof has a leak. It has stain the interior ceiling has a waterspout and Mildew. Do not buy any Forest River product. Read more

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We have a 5th wheel that is 11 years old. We had water coming all over the floor. Had to take panels out due to water coming from behind the wall. There was a staple through the water line that rusted out after all this time and forest river won't help financially even though it's a manufacturer defect! We have had water leaks before in 2 of the slide outs and we repaired all that. Forest river is junk and they won't stand behind there product... Read more

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We bought an almost new Forest river MBS Sunseeker, 100K Plus The roof leaked, the propane system leaked, the generator would not run and the step malfunctioned. Only had 4000 miles on it and Forest river would only fix the propane leak, I'm sure its just because they didn't want the liability of an exposition. I buy an RV every year or two but not another FR product until they get a better warranty in place. Called Forest River several times... Read more

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2013 3550rl cardinal piece of ***. roof and all seals on slides leaked right off the showroom floor. forest river has terrible PR people. it's sold who cares. washer installed,no gaskets in hoses ,what kind of mess do you think that made. paid 60K and the tires are *** from china had to replace all 4. I'm fixing the washer and found the vent wasn't hooked up either. I make sure you read the fine print on bill of sale, says you agree not to sue... Read more

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we like our camper but on our way to Kansas we blew two tires it smashed under the frig which made the oil jump up into the line now we need a new frig we just bought the camper brand new in Dec of 2105 picked it up after some work in Jan 2016 it broke the fender skirt right off the camper then when we got to Kansas we called a few repair men to fix our frig and that cost 995.00 and it still dose not work so i am on my way to buy another... Read more

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I bought my 2016 Cardinal 5th wheel from lazy days. Been back there twice for warrantee work only two things fixed. Then I was sent to giant RV and it's been over two months and haven't heard from them. We came to Elkhart and was advised by Cardinal service to contact recreational specialties which we did and it's been over a week and I have not been contacted by them!! How do I get warrantee work done?? Read more

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We have same issue with our 2008 class A Georgetown Paid for upgraded options with the leather sofa and 2 front captains chairs. The leather had been breKing down flaking and deteriorating on all 3 pieces. It's even on sides wear there is no wear and tear from sitting ?? We only have 13k miles on engine , rarely used over past few years due to health issues. In the mean time while in storage the leather is deteriorating! Looks like our RV is 50... Read more

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I have a forest river Salem that I purchased new 2 years and one month ago. The warranty on the AC is for 2 years, and it just went out. My repair man checked to see, if they would still cover it, they said it was manufactured 28 month ago, so the warranty has been run out to long. So, in short, Forest River, does not stand behind, the garbage they sell. I guess that's why, they can sale them so cheap. Read more

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Just bought a 2017 Clipper FQ17 does Forest River have quality control was checking out where water pump is and found pieces of wood a plastic bag and wood chips under there also notice vent hood over stove was hanging down they put too short of a screw in that corner and sealant all over on the roof big glop of it on top of vent cover and rust spots on bottom of frame where it looks like there had been a strap or block of wood the frame around... Read more

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