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Purchased this Flagstaff Microlite 18FBRS trailer new in the spring of 2013 and right from the start I discovered quality control issues. First, roof openings, front seal and skylight were not caulked properly.

Shower area was not caulked nor were areas around the cabinets. Rather than take a 60 mile one way drive to the dealer I caulked the outside areas with Dicor as recommended, and the interior with recommended sealants. A year later I discovered water pooling between the bottom floor membrane under the trailer in the cargo area. The passenger side sidewall was wicking up the water and delaminating.

The floor in the corner of the trailer, from the right wheel well to the cargo area is damaged so I cut the bottom membrane and drained the water to allow it to dry out. I traced the leak to the right wheel well, which the Factory failed to caulk to keep the rainwater spraying from the tires outside the trailer. While driving in the rain the tires were spraying water under the cabinets which fell into a channel rail around the right corner of the trailer. The right wheel well has been leaking since day one.

For a year it went undiscovered because the areas were not walking areas. I caught this when doing an inspection of suspension components. If the wheel wells were properly caulked at the factory this problem would never exist. Emailed an executive at Forest River.

Was told they "may" be able to help me if I could go to the purchasing dealer. Called my purchasing dealer in Queensbury NY and was told they had no staff to do repairs, and was referred to an Albany NY dealership that carried Forest River products. Was told by the Albany NY dealership that they could not evaluate my RV for at least four to six months, and to contact them at the end of the camping season. When I explained the nature of the problem and told both parties that the floor as well as the sidewall was damaged, and after several e-mails with detailed pictures showing the damage, all communication with Forest River and the Albany NY dealership ceased.

I sent both parties an e-mail asking if I may do temporary repairs to stop further damage which went unanswered by both the Forest River Executive and the Albany Dealership. Unclear if the offer to extend my warrantee based on Factory issues (Or shoddy workmanship) is still on the table but I will attempt to contact Forest River and the Albany NY dealership at the end of the camping season. The courtesy of a response either way would be appreceated. Based on prior posts the dealers are less than helpful when issues arise, but if Forest River will correct the problem they caused without charge, I may still have faith in their products.

Pictures below. You be the judge.

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La Grange, North Carolina, United States #1319221

Yeah these things are cheap *** ***. Wish to God I never bought one.

Bought our 2013 25DS new. Keep it covered when not in use. Cheap vent cover over the bed literally fell apart. Crumbled to pieces.

Then every inch of Trim cover, about 150 feet, cracked and fell out. Just finished replacing all of the cheap thin ***, as well as installing a LOT of missing screws. Dining table warped, and edge trim shrank and fell out.

Glad I Read this post.

Going to look up inside the wheel wells now, and see what needs sealed up there. I will NEVER buy another Forest River product of ANY kind.


2013 Flagstaff Microlite 18FBRS Delamination Update. - I will give credit where credit is due.

Contacted Forest River and explained the issue. They sent me to a Dealer for an evaluation and the dealer said it was beyond their capabilities. Forest River advised me that they will repair the trailer (Replace sidewall and possible floor) at no cost. They will be picking it up Christmas week to be delivered to their factory.

I'm considering this a mishap at the factory. I know people that have had these trailers for years without an issue.

Guess I was the unlucky one to get a wheelwell leaker, but if they will fix it no harm no foul. I really do love the trailer, and hopefully it will be restored to dry watertight condition.


OMG! I'm horrified to even start after reading what I've read here.

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