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I purchased an RV from North Trail.They are big to push and highly praise they're pre-delivery inspection. Promising that every system is going through and make sure it was working. First they manipulated the sales tax. I went to register it and it cost an additional $1,700. Though they promised they would include sales tax in the deal. On the ride home the wiper blades were melted to the windshield. Of course we got in a rainstorm. Had to pull...
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Anonymous I had a similar experience if their Fort Lauderdale location. I want even trust them to buy a brand new RV. Go to campers world like the other gentleman said. In the long run ...

I have a 2015 fr3 that my wife refers to as our 100k dollar piece of junk. We are recently retired and this is our first motorhome. We bought it in Feb 2015 and have used it approximately 6 times. Every time we use it we find another 3 to 4 items that either dont work or ate broken. Drives very poorly, weaves all over the road, many interior flaws. Door dont work properly, microwave pops circuit breakers every time it is used, front door doesnt...
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