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Update by user Jun 05, 2015

All issues are finally resolved . Headlights and camera have been replaced .

Update by user Mar 04, 2015

I have now been told that the backup camera is a manufactures problem and will not be corrected until late March or early April. So Forest River just send out motorhomes with defective parts and doesn't care.

Since it is a manufactures problem it is on all coaches but they sent them out to be sold anyway. I also can not drive the coach at night because of a headlight problem which I have been told hasn't occurred on any other coach. The dealership tried to adjust the headlights but are unable to after consulting with Forest River. I have spoken with the plant manager , warranty manger and others and getting a return phone call just doesn't happen.

I am now filing complaints with the National Safety and Transportation Council and a lemon law complaint.

Forest River has not resolved my problems and when talking with them they are extremely arrogant and try to act like you are at fault and they do not respond to problems. I have owned this brand new 2015 FR3 for 9 weeks and it spent 5 of them in the shop and is still not repaired.

Original review posted by user Feb 06, 2015

I purchased a 2015 FR 3 Class A Motorhome 5 weeks ago and it has been in the shop almost the entire time since I drove it home.

The front end was shaking and it was hard to keep it in the road. I was told it was normal.

The dealer was no help and when I called Forest River it took almost a week to get anyone to call me back. No help in finding a ford dealer that can work on something that size. I finally got ford to find a shop to do repairs. Front end was sticking when driving and out of alignment along with two front defective tires.

My wife and I had to take a day of work to take have it repaired. Had to leave it at two separate shops for three days for the repairs. I had to pay for repairs that came from the factory and then submit to be reimbursed. Now the motorhome is in the dealers shop to have the rear backup camera replaced, headlights repaired at night set so high I had to use fog lights to drive it home, front window shade repaired so that it would roll down all the way, and front heater doesn't work.

Not sure what else I will find but have had to take another day off work and drive it 84 miles one way to the dealership to have repairs done. Five weeks of ownership and three of them in the shop. I have owned other brand motorhomes and never had problems like this and especially new just off the lot.

I have sent two emails and left three phone messages for the service department at Forest River.

While Travis is nice after he calls or emails back usually takes 10 days he is little help in solving problems.

My motorhome is still sitting at the service department of the dealership waiting on parts.

Reason of review: Poor service,Damaged or defective and delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1634.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Looks and the floor plan.

I didn't like: Customer service, Quality control, Poor dealer warranty.

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I'm looking at a 2017 fr3 not sure I want one after reading these complaints regardless of whether they were resolved or not

Denton, Texas, United States #1311650

Thank you!!! This is good to know as I have been thinking of purchasing a Berkshire 34QS, but with complaints like these, I'll take my business elsewhere.

Ridgecrest, California, United States #1200901

I have a 2015 Forest River FR3 with so many problem don't know where to start. We have used it about 6 times in the year we have had it.

The windshield leaks from the top inside and has been replaced, the new windshield leaks worse than the first one. The microwave pops a general circuit breaker every time it is used. The dealer Mike Thompson says they cannot duplicate the problem which is very strange since every time we use it the circuit breaker pops. Reset breaker and pops again and again.

The sliding door to the back does not latch into catch, again Mike Thompson supposed fixed but still does not latch. It does not drive easily since it wanders all over the road and will wander off the road if not very careful, wife refuses to drive. The latches on all drawers and doors of kitchen cabinets are junk and they fly open every time we drive the motorhome. My wife pointed out the last time we were out that the awning is coming unstitched on most of the seams and will probably be useless before the motorhome is even 2 years old.

I know that I should have done more research before buying this motorhome is now it is what it is and I guess we are stuck with it.

Everything seems to be very flimsy and not well put together. It has been in the shop about 3 of the 12 months since we bought it, which wouldn't be so bad if anything was ever fixed, but that doesn't happen.

to Anonymous #1465073

There is a lemon law that applies to RVs as vehicles do. Also, your states consumer affairs office can also be helpful in resolving unfixed repetitive issues.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1180527

Much the same. My 2015 forest River has a front end problem.

Ford fixed it, but it went out after 700 miles. They did nothing to align the front. Just replaced spindle and bearings. Can't drive at night, not enough lights.

Front end shakes. Bed falling down. Air-condition works poorly house and engine. I have 7 items on the Forest River list of to do s.

But the hide behind sub contractors. Presently stuck in Salt Lake. Awaiting back log in shop.

Yes, have lawyer on and going after the lemon. The big question, do we go for another ???

to Anonymous #1360368

Who is your Lawyer.We may have to do the same thing with a 2017 FR3.Thanks

to Anonymous #1465075

If I was to ever purchase another RV, I would look at a Tiffin brand as hear outstanding RVs built in Alabama by folks who has pride in their workmanship.

to Anonymous #1511765

Everything you had I had. Front bearing going out 3 times.

Overhead bed will not work anymore. Checked fuses .

Power all good. Suspect lifters are burnt but you can't get to them.


RV's are put together by people with an 8th grade education, what did you expect something done right?


Doesnt sound that bad to me????


I have the same problem with my headlights . can't see at night with high beams its also a 2015 fr3.

Did you notice that the 2016s have a whole new front nose. Well I will find out Monday if it can be fixed.pueiwh

to Anonymous #1530758

FR sent me new light assembies that go to a 2008 chevy truck in believe. work great

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #966795

My FR3 was in the shop for sixty days. Travis told me it was not his problem and took him two months to call me back.

My entire headlight assembly had to be replaced. Both slides broke.

And plumbing was backwards. And several more problems.

to Anonymous #991650

I love my fr3 the dealer has a lot to do with that.Rvs need fixing new or used get used to it.The dealer can make it hard or easy.Get one from Copleys rv in hobe sound fl. they are great!!!!!

to Anonymous Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1040267

Thats where i got mine couple of issues but bob and paul took care of us.Would not think of going any place else

to happy rver Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1085599

i bought my starcraft from them (copleys) would not think of going anywhere else .service is great!!!!

to Anonymous #1040519

I have had 3 new Class A's and not had problems. Yes the dealer is a big part but you don't buy a new one and expect to put it back in the shop right away.

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