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Issues have been resolved!

Original review posted by user Apr 10, 2017

I purchased a 2016 Sierra 360 PDek in June 2015. I picked it from the dealer in July 2015.

This is a beautiful unit; however, the Patio Dek has been a nightmare from Day 1. It is bowed in the center and the gate has never closed properly! I was advised to not even walk on the deck for fear of falling through! I have a long list of other issues with this unit as well!

this is my list I submitted to Forest River and I am currently awaiting a response! The issues I am having due to poor workmanship in the construction of this unit: 1) Bedroom closet: the wall is separating at the corner. 2) Bathroom: molding in the corner is separating from the corner of the wall and at the floor. 3) Dining/ Living area: the screws constantly fall out of the ceiling fan.

4) the bottoms of a couple of the dining room chairs are separating from the chair 5) the bottom of the door handle for the sliding glass door has detached from the door 6) the metal lock on the floor to hold one of the recliners in place during transport has detached and straightened out so it can't be reinstalled. 7) The main air conditioner already had to be replaced. 8) the hot water heater already had to be replaced. 9) Exterior: The rear deck was not properly sealed which caused water to get between the top flooring and the rear door of the unit.

I was told not to walk on it by an RV repairman for fear of falling through! This creates a liability issue due to the hazard should someone enter the deck from the rear steps and fall through. When I close the rear door/ deck for transport, water gushes out of it above the rear bumper The deck now holds water on the surface due to it being warped. The spring is not working properly and while attempting to open the rear door on two different occasions, the deck slammed down.

The first time, it struck s ladder just missing my head. The second time, I quickly lowered my head and it hit my shoulders knocking me to the ground. Had I not quickly ducked, it would have killed me from the weight. Seriously, this rear deck/ door needs to be redesigned before someone is killed from it slamming down!

I have to get at least two other people to assist to get this open or closed before and/or after transporting this rig. It has a serious malfunction and could cause severe injury or death! When the door is closed, it Is warped and no longer sits flush with the rest of the rear of my rig. 9a) The gate for the rear deck has never completely closed to put it in the locked position since I took possession of this unit!

This just goes to show that this deck has had an issue from day one! 10) The underbelly is dropping and starting to expose wires. This will also make it susceptible for entrance of rodents into the unit. 11) The weather strip located at the far end of the right slide out has torn again.

I had this replaced July or August of 2015 (it ripped immediately after I took possession of this unit). And has ripped again! 12) the metal string/ piece on the left that keeps the basement door from slamming against the rig in the wind, became detached the first week I had possession of this unit. 13) The frame in the front end under the 5th wheel hook up as well as the rear bumper is rusting already.

14) the awning is tearing away from the awning frame just above the entrance door, 15) the molding on the left awning arm fell off exposing the wires for the automatic awning. 16). The rope lighting under the awning has not worked since I was in possession of this rig only worked for about a month or so. 17).

The light above the entrance steps and door quit working a few months back. It may just be the bulb; however, I can't reach it to check it out as I do not have a ladder. 18) I already had to pay $400 + to have the roof resealed as water was pouring into my unit through my closet lights. 19) I have had constant issues with the hydraulic jacks, they keep dropping or moving while I am just sitting in one spot and not even moving around.

They wake me up at night with a loud noise as they shift, 20) The molding outside under the sliding glass keeps popping out. I will update this If and when I hear back from Forest River.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Forest River Sierra 360pdek Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Layout, Layoutstorage and space.

I didn't like: Poor quality of construction.

  • 2016 Forest River Sierra 360 Pdek
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RESOLVED!!!!! Ya think you could tell people how after this continues rant?

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