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Code Violations we’re determined using publications found on page 1 paragraph 2 in Forest River Travel Trailer Owners Manual. Each Code Violation is supported with one or more photos.

The furnace, Air Conditioner, Water Heater etc. are not installed as per there own Manufacturing Companies Installation Instructions/Manuals. SUBURBAN FURNACE employee Ms. D.

Massengill raised her voice during our telephone conversation saying as I remember, They (Forest River, Inc.) can’t install our furnace like that, it’s got to blow directly into an open room. I modified the furnace installation and added a furnace air return grill, lowering air supply grill temperature more than 60F degrees. This included a filter that catches about all of our dogs loose hair. Required is a partition or some other means to isolate and prevent water from the water heater installation from getting the Suburban Furnace wet.

There was no such device built to prevent water from damaging or destroying the furnace. Suburban’s furnace is required to have certain gaskets and or seals installed at installation These do not exhist. I recently found that the two vent pipes for the plumbing system are not sealed at the roof as required. Standard equipment includes Powder Coated frame.

Our R-POD frame is not Powder Coated. Mr. Leo Akin Forest River Standard and Code employee has repeatedly advised me our R-POD was built with NO. ODE VIOLATIONS.

As I previously stated, My using Standards and Code publications I’ve found over 100 and I’m still inspecting. Shortly after buying R-POD I replaced both wheel brake drums. This was required. Thunder RV, selling dealer and Forest River refuses to pay for the new parts.

Every Clamp holding the propane piping hoses damaged/destroyed the hoses. The propane tanks are required to be protected by covering them with a shrould which is required to have a clamping device to secure the shrould in place. 110 V and 12V electrical wires are required to be separated at installation by minimum of 3/8” or 1/2”. Sorry, it’s one of these measurements.

I con’t Have the Code book. The electrical wires installation have a tremendous number of Code Violations. I’m waiting for an electrical company to inspect and list the electrical Code Violations. Mr.

Leo Akins emailed me, PacStrap is used in different locations when manufacturing RV’Sby Forest River to secure parts of the RV. NO WHERE is his so called PacStrap permitted to be used as per Codes. As I understand the PacStrap is used when shipping parts etc. PacStrap was used to secure plumbing in our R-POD.

Securing piping using PacStrap is. Code. Isolation for each time it is used. One day when Mr.

Akins made an unusual statement to me, I called him on it. He. Ontacted RVIA And Mr. Hopkins backed him up.

I challenged RVIA. Forest River followed by hiring an attorney and he instructed me longer contact Forest River employees. I continue to email employees but now none of them communicate with me. Thunder RV the selling dealer lied to me and never completed the PDI/Walk-Thru Inspection.

Thunder RV crested more Code Violations than they cleared. Shortly after we bought from them the owner while raising his voice at me said as I remember, no RV manufacturer was going to tell him what to do. NFPA 70 and other publications require screws, bolts and other type of fasteners to be torqued. One major location is inside the RV electrical panel box.

(If you are interested, remove the cover and read the amount of torque that is required just inside this box alone. Forest River, RVIA refuse to reply to my questions regarding torquing such fasteners. How do they get away with all of this? Without success, I have repeatedly requested Mr.

Gary Bunzer (The RV DOCTOR) to remove the video he is in made by or for RVIA. In my opinion it’s a scam. Mr. Bunzer has refused to meet with me and have our conversation videoed.

Thunder RV gave up or lost Forest River and both left us hanging. Forest River attorney emailed me.

Terry you failed to email me quick enough, Forest River will not be performing WARRANTY work on your R-POD. I have more than three hundred photos and videos showing Code Violations.

Reason of review: R-Pod mfg. with over 100 Code Violations and Forest River refuses to clear these Code Violations and Powder Coat the frame..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: No words can define.

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I have given Forest River many opportunities to quietly close this issue.

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