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We bought our 378FB in September 2016. Before it could ever be delivered it was kept two extra weeks for a rear panel delamination issue.

We pleaded for a new unit since that's what we bought but were assured it would be perfect when we got it. HUGE mistake. The day after delivery the AC unit started leaking into the kitchen through the return air vents. The 1/2 bath door wouldn't shut, ceiling panels were loose, drawers fell apart, handles came off.

Within weeks the roof started showing staples pushing up thru the membrane. Several months go by and we had many visits to repair things. Then we see the caulking on the roof and vent covers are dry rotted cracking and falling to pieces. Letters, e-mails, complaints to no avail.

5 Months in the #2 black tank falls right out the bottom and tears the underside down, hoses wiring pipes and all. Forest River offers to come get it and repair it, and pay for a hotel while it's being fixed. Estimated time 2-3 weeks. 6 WEEKS later we get the unit back supposedly fixed.

We are personally out 4900 in hotel fees with nothing re imbursed. And 1 day after back in the AC is leaking back into the kitchen AGAIN. None of the holding tanks read properly and the roof looks like a 3 yr old caulked it and they didn't even bother to remove the old cracked caulking! A class action is the least these people deserve.

Misrepresentation of a product "well built", "quality control".

I can only hope this will help someone in their decision of an RV to buy. Never again will we get a Forest River product.

Review about: 2017 Forest River Sandpiper 378fb Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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When we bought ours , we took it camping. The refrigerator was broke.

We took it back. They were having a hard time finding a refrigerator. Dealing with the manufacture. It was awful.

We asked for a replacement no chance. We found some other things wrong as well. Paneling was coming nooner, and the shower was leaking on the floor due to caulking. We had only had the camper 2 weeks.

They kept it for over 7 weeks repairing it. When we finally got it back we went camping. The black tank was full!

While they were working on it , it had been used. Gross.


I'm actually filling a lawsuit on my new 2017 Class C from Forest River. My attorney would be more than happy to talk to you.

I'm in Orlando FL. Message me if your interested.

to dbcj3847_34 #1482357

I'm interested in helping. I have a 2018 Forest River Wildwood 27DBK that has been in the shop for over 6 mo and when returned was worse than I sent in, had 15 emails in one day to manufacture and was still kinda blown off as to get it done correctly.

to dbcj3847_34 #1496796

I’m interested. Bill. Mrbill757@gmail.com

to dbcj3847_34 #1522107

same 2018 avenger ati 24dbs (its a forest river brand) nothing but issues, been at the service center all but 17 of the 140 days I've owned it


For what it's worth, we decided to go with a Winnie Travato (2018). The fit and finish and attention to detail in our rig was superb.

I can't speak for others but when I purchased, I ordered from the factory because I did not want a rig sitting on a lot for months with tons of humans who couldn't care less trapesing through it. Cost a couple of extra bucks and well worth it. I refuse to buy off a lot because an RV is not like a car. Don't want it sitting there gathering dust.

Within a few days after getting it home, it was at my Dodge dealership getting a silicone sealant to protect from rust. I am also getting a mouse deterrant application next week for mouse (and other pests) protection. You get what you pay for. I cautioned the dealership that the rig had to pass my inspection or they would not get the significant balance (I gave a minimal down to get the order in to Winnebago).

You take command or you take a licking.

I found no defects - I had the dealer fill the water tank and we ran the plumbing, checked the electrical, and the like - we were quite pleased after 4 hours in the 90 heat. You gotta take a stand and let them know that you are not leaving with a 2nd rate product.

to Dren #1461716

When I'm ready to purchase my 1st Rv class c, can I hire you to assist?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #1344781

Is there any company out there, that builds a quality RV product these days? Lots of false advertising of quality product: best built roofs, best frames, leader in the industry, etc.

Not just Forest River -guys, Jayco builds junk as well!

Yes- people need to ban together and start a class action law suit and put these companies out of business! No regulation in this industry!

to Anonymous #1359240

I am in agreement my new 2017 Sierra falling apart after two months one ac out lights like living in a disco ceiling fan broken from day one

to Pauly2017 #1527902

Is this thread still alive? 2017 Forest River Sierra break in hot water line upon delivery.

Flooded master bedroom. Ac drips into living room through vent. Tanks don’t read accurately. Now I think the roof is rotting next to the ac unit.

It’s soft. I had qualified warrenty company supposedly fix the leak issue. I think he just rerouted it. Help!!!

I bought unit from Ohio Dealer and had it delivered.

I’m in Florida. I can’t just take it back.

to Anonymous #1465071

As for my experience, THOR also has no concern for inspection or a quality control on their class C production lines. However, THOR customer service in Warkursa IN is caring and does hello to obtain your concerns 100% plus reimbursed my lodging, mileage expenses to get back to their factory for service on my new 2016

to Anonymous #1480829

I'm in


yes Forest River needs a major class action lawsuit against them and we may be the one starting it

to Heritage Glenn Junk #1373565

these campers are only as good as the dealer I would not buy another camper from these people we should have a lawyer and and have a class action lawsuit put against Longview campers

to Heritage Glenn Junk #1379163

If you do start a class action lawsuit, please count us in! We've had nothing but problems with our new Sunseeker.

My user name on here is "unhappycamper104. Please keep me posted!

to Heritage Glenn Junk #1402822

Were there items listed under "standard" in the dealer and online sites that were not installed? I am trying to obtain info for a class action lawsuit.

I also 6 weeks into trying to get leaks and broken things fixed. Would be very willing to join in a class action lawsuit.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1319168


We have had quality issues with our pre-ordered 2017 Sandpiper 372LOK. We have had this camper 11 months and have had nothing but problems.

It was delivered to us with the hydraulics not working and one of the slides leaking among many other problems. Since then, we have had issue upon issue with the quality of our Forest River product. Our most recent is a water hose leak caused by one of the slides.

We would be interested in joining with you if you are planing on completing a class action suite.

I'm sorry for your troubles with yours :(

Brad and Christine Sarsland


to Christine Sarsland #1402826

Did you have any items that were missing from your unit that were supposed to be standard? Contact me at sdm76.8.ie@gmail.com

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