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We bought frailer brand new cause we liked layout and options not knowing that it would be in shop continues starting with dinning table rail for bed collapsing well friend sleeping on it only held together with 18 gauge staples in stead of screws shower base bent in about 3 inches on right side many warped cabinet doors hole in floor about 6in diameter which had to go under floor from outside and did not put back together with new cover instead said that they did all that is required to factory standards meanwhile they left a 4ftx5ft patch under floor shroud that is filled with lots of srcews and black caulking they said its good access for plumbing which plumbing is not even on that side of trailer. under mount sink in kitchen was hanging down on one side about 1/2 ihch they had to fix twice and then used wrong caulking so i had real hard time to get sink lids of as they were stuck and now caulking is a mess and they also left all there garbage from fixing sink stuffed under the back of cabinet wrong color Seams on nook seats started to come apart so they had to replace and this took 3to 4 months as they brought in the wrong color beading on one of the cushions so they ended up replacing all of them cause i guess my color was not available anymore which they were told and found that cushions were all there for two months after i phoned the manufacture after they stuck one cushion in with new color thinking i would not notice gee one beige and one black dah.

After six months all the paint started peeling of front of trailer which they had to replace and did but what a pain in ***. Now the trailer is going in to have both axels and tires being replaced in nov 2017 cause they are not inline i guess this has happen before and they new about a lot of this stuff about paint and axel but do not say anything cause they hope your warranty runs out before you notice. They have absolutely done nothing to compensate us what so ever but waste months of our time and ussage that we have to work around them , al they say is that ,thats why you have warranty and that it is not a home it moves around they argue with everything you complain about and also slide stopped working while on vaction was stuck 1ft out no manual crank as we were told there was so had to phone there road side and it ended up being fuse which is very hard to get to because when slide in can not get to it *** . Good thing i have best warranty but guess i wont get 2000 dollars back for not using it.

Here i am paying alot of money for something that cant use 1/2 time and they offer me 50% less then payed for it year early they should give me even trade or money back . people work hard for there money and trust these company's to come good. Maybe I should send this to Warren Buffet and see what he says about it.and the way they run there bussiness as he is the largest owner of forest river .

Waste so much of my time and work time that do not recover its not just car you bring in for oil change. plus all money on storage paid for that cant use because in getting fixed all the time.

Review about: 2016 Forest River Wildwood 25rks Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Can you learn how to use a period.

to Anonymous #1382488

My Ex-Wife certainly Did!..

to Anonymous #1413427

Must be company person. GROW UP........

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