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Purchased a new Salem Nov. 2011.

Broken window, faulty microwave door, awning inoperative,Tank monitor inop., sofa bed loose, kitchen cabinet doors won't stay closed etc., etc. Main prob is slide is not centered and won't seal. There were puddles of water at side of bed caused by this. Both axles way out of alignment ruining all 4 tires.

Leaks at both entry doors, both valances wet, rubber seal around both doors have cracks in sealant, LP tanks leak, molding around front entry door coming loose. Major problem is the floor beneath carpet at side of bed is breaking down from being soaked during first week I had unit and needs replacing. Model 21FBS serial no. 4X4TSMW23BC011383.

Camping World, Mesa,AZ sold unit, and supposedly repaired it. Their work orders are MES*18822, MES*18823 & MES*19144.

My name is Ron Wentz, phones are 303-989-3966 or 303-809-9537. E-mail Ronwentz@aol.com

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I clicked on "***" to see if there where any comments as to why someone would think that this problem was not accurate. Unfortunately all it did was add another "***" to the count.

So I wouldn't give too much weight on the 3 "***" comments. Sounds like this guy really has a problem. Making me think twice before buying another Forest River. We have a 10 year old popup by River Forest and can attest that this brand is a very cheap quality build product.

We are CONSTANTLY working on something. And this is no "***".

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