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We purchased a brand new 2012 Shasta Freeport 30bhs from Longview Rv in Windsor Locks. Off the bat we had numerous leaks and a panoply of other defects.

The bathtub was leaking, the outside shower was leaking into the camper, the range fan blew out, the dining room table is peeling, the anchors for the blinds popped out of the wall, the gasket for the slide out was falling off, and the roof is leaking water through the bathroom and the rear room. Longview Rv have been to the camper twice in the past two weeks and is returning in two weeks to address the numerous defects.

I contacted Shasta and was pretty much told I was screwed as they do not buy back defective travel trailers. Im stuck with a camper not even a year old that will no doubt have significant water damage in due time.

Review about: Forest River Rv.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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I'm having similar problems with my Shasta 30bhs! Has been in shop several times!

I fortunately don't have any roof leaks, but did have bathroom sink leak, water heater not working, slide out gasket coming off, dining room table peeling, the slide tore my kitchen floor!!!! I'm dealing with that now! Electrical problems, etc!

I have contacted a lemon law lawyer, lets see what happens? Keep you posted

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Thanks guys. The floor plan / design sucked us in, but we were a little suspicious about the relatively low price.

Now it makes sense.

If it's any consolation you guys saved us a disastrous start to our retirement.


I have similar issues. They cut the corner of the roof rubber (their standard installation practice) which has popped out of the molding.

I now have extensive water damage. Puma refuses to cover and so does insurance. Bulging tires.

Leaks... $19,000 piece of junk.

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