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Dear Forest River,

This past spring, we had one of our wildest dreams come true. Our family was growing, our online business was booming, & we figured we'd hit the open road while our kids were still young. The dream of leaving our house behind for a little while & buying a new RV was happening.

So...the research began. We settled on a floor plan that we liked & it seemed light enough to pull all over the country.

We had an amazing trek through the south, out West, & all the way up the coast to Seattle. Then in Seattle, the first incident happened...

...we started noticing a funky smell from inside & all around the RV. After a few days of barely being able to stand it, we finally contacted a service center. They told us it would be a week, then we could carry on. We had to spend 10 days moving from hotel to hotel and spending over $1,500 not knowing when we were getting our "2nd house" back. Well, a week passed, & we called to check on the status...only to hear that they hadn't even gotten to it yet! 2 days go by, they call us, and say it's ready to be picked up. After they had ripped apart the lower part of the RV, I forked over $240, they show us out the door only to say that nothing was wrong. "That RVs are made to spill over like that," is what they say. I later find a loose “p-trap” that needed fixing.

So, we start our journey again with Colorado in our sites. We head through Utah & on one particular day...the biggest disaster happens of all. We're heading up a pass when all of a sudden, we hear a loud "BANG!" The RV starts swerving all over the road...I slow down to look in the mirror & see pieces of our RV flying all over the highway. I couldn't believe it.

I pull over to see the damage. The front driver side tire on the RV had completely unwound and had torn off everything around it in the mess. I'm out there changing the tire, no phone service, hoping there aren't any semi trucks that crash into my family.

2 hours later...we're back on the road. We're almost to the Colorado border when..."POP!" Another explosion. And another tire gone. Again, I couldn't believe it. I look in the mirror, & by this time it's dark. Sparks are flying everywhere, & I almost lose control of everything.

Luckily, I was only about a half mile from the exit, where I'm able to drag my family off the interstate to see what's going on. We'd already used our spare, so the only option was to spend the night & wait until the morning to figure out what to do. We wake up & immediately head to Big O Tires, just so I can get an extra tire & be able to move the RV to the nearest service center.

Once the RV is checked in at the service center in Grand Junction, we leave it behind and head 2 hours East to Avon where my wife's parents live. A month later, we get a call that the RV is finally ready to be picked up.

So we start heading East again, but not without a quick camping trip in our RV with friends & family. We have 3 great days, then as we're heading home....wouldn't you know it. Another explosion & blown tire. At this point, it was almost funny in a twisted way that this was happening again. We’d become numb to how many times we’d been stuck on the side of the road, our lives in danger, missing work to get the RV serviced, and not knowing what was going to happen next.

But, we bought ANOTHER tire, & started heading East again…dragging our mangled & beaten up BRAND NEW RV back to the dealership, so we can salvage some of our investment & hopefully still make this dream of traveling freely on the road...come true.

We arrive there on September 14th, & the staff was very nice & friendly as usual. We are told that it should be about a month until we're back on the road. "After everything we've been through, what's another month?" we thought to ourselves.

1 month goes by...no progress or parts delivered.

2 months go by...still stuck

3 months go by...still stuck

We FINALLY hear word & are promised that the parts would be delivered & we could depart on Dec. 4th. YAY! We were so excited & started planning our route to hit the beach by Christmas.

I call in on Saturday Dec. 1st to see if things were almost wrapped up...and to my jaw-dropped disappointment...our RV was STILL not in the shop being serviced. Forest River was still dragging their feet on sending the parts. The most surprising part was that I had to be the one to call to find that out. Thank God we didn't just show up on Tuesday ready to go, only to find out that the RV was still broken.

100 days after the RV being in the shop, we pick it up, & we’re so excited to hit the road again.

First night - we pull in to the campground, & neither the furnace or the hot water are working now. Are you kidding me?!

2 days later, the bed won’t go up or down, & the wires are falling out from the bottom of the RV because of a cheap plastic underbelly.

We understand that there are a lot of things outside of both of our control...but this pile of junk has wrecked our lives.

We’re more discouraged, disappointed, and frustrated than we've ever been in our entire lives. The most incredible dream-come-true adventure...has been an absolute living ***

We purchased a brand new 2019 Arctic Wolf (cash, I might add)…thinking that we were buying a problem-free memory-maker that we could enjoy for MANY years to come. Only to discover, that it’s been nothing but trouble.

And honestly, we feel like we've been taken advantage of…

The sad thing being, the RV has now been in the shop longer than we’ve been able to enjoy it.

We're done waiting, we're done hoping, and we're done being silent.

I don't know what needs to happen, whether it be that we are given a new RV or what, but we need justice.

- Rob

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Well, I was thinking of getting a 2013 Forest River Cascade Select T26RL that looks real nice. After reading your horror story, I'm looking elsewhere. Good luck with yours.


Hi Rob, I feel your pain although your experience was worse than ours. But I can relate because we also had a tire blow out on the side of a 2 lane highway going down a 9% grade hill and no emergency lanes.

This was the same trip where we found the slide out wall was detaching from the frame. After a year long litigation Forest River came through with a measly $5000 CDN and they paid to fix the trailer.

However they side the wall will continue to detach as this Is apparently normal on all Forest River Products! Best of luck.


I can never figure out why American companies suck at customer service. I recommend they hire Japanese service managers - from Japan.


I thought I had a bad experience with my motor home but your experience is truly a nightmare. Hopefully you may be able to get a satisfied solution.

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