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Owned our brand new 22 foot forest river Salem for 2 hours and had to take it back to dealer. Air conditioner was leaking inside.

Dealer said they fixed it. Picked up camper and went on our first camping trip. Air conditioner still leaks inside, speaker doesn't work, trim loose, faucet in kitchen was set too close to window therefore couldn't shut the blind.Trim around cabinet is crooked, awning wouldn't roll out right. One of the windows is set in crooked.

Seems like every time I look there is something else. Camper is now back at dealer for more repairs. This is suppose to be a new camper!!!!! Haven't even made out first payment yet !!!!

Finally someone from Forest River called me.... I explained what was going on only to be told that's what the warranty is for. I told them that there are lemon laws and mabe I should talk to an attorney. They sad our conversation was over.

Terrible company, horrible customer service. Junk campers built with no quality or workmanship.....They need to buy our camper back and place it in the factory as an example of this is NOT how to build a camper !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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