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I own a 2006 Flagstaff 831BHSS TT and noticed significant leak in the back within 4 months. I was told by the dealer - RON HOOVER RV in Houston - that the roof was covered under warranty, but NOT THE SEALS!

I went on a several weeks spree contacting the top people in Forest River in July-August 2006 and was never even offered any help - just that's the way it is they all said. ON A BRAND NEW TRAILER!!! I have gone 4 years now with constant leaks, no matter how many times I have repaired and how much money I have paid. The back outer shell has now developed a crack and the trailer is probably worthless now.

I have gotten absolutely no offer of assistance by HOOVER or Forest River for my lemon. Also, I have had to buy a replacement water heater ($850) since it went out a few months after the warranty on it expired, faucet busted, new axle (insurance paid for most), water line leaks, etc.

I vowed 4 years ago that I would make sure the world knows and NOT TO BUY A FOREST RIVER!!! Besides the crack on the outside, the wood cabinets and roof, ceiling, and walls are completely water damaged and the trailer always smells musty, despite doing everything I knew how to stop it.

Review about: Forest River Rv.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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Good ol' Ron Hoover.Been there.Never again.

Kirkland, Washington, United States #813402

2007 forest river wildcat 32qbbs. When I called the Oregon office about my leaking skylights on my slide I was told they had some defective sealent tape.

I live in washington it didn't take long for the mold to set in with the waterfall that would poor through my skylights. Washington consumer protection laws give them 60 days to fix.... I fought them for over 55 days while they had my trailer and they hadn't touched it. In the last five days they replaced the dinette, cabinette doors, and couch.

They cleaned the carpets and whatever they used completely destroyed the carpets. They left the sieling and floor completely and noticeably warped. Plus they replaced the defective sealent tape on my skylights. The day I got my trailer back I left for Texas, the day after I got to Texas it rained.

When I walked in my trailer I had another flood to deal with. When I called forest river the lady told me I was lying and that she leak tested it herself. So I sent her pictures of the water pooring through the skylights once again. they paid for an Rv mechanic to come out and refix their fix.

He put the self leveling roof sealent around the edges of the sealent tape. He also informed me he had had quite a few of those trailers come through there with the same problem and that mine wasn't the only one forest river had recently fixed. My pin box also tore away from the trailer due to a design flaw and poor weld placement and too light of steel being used for the weight of the trailer. I recommend inspecting it every trip especially along the crossmember at the rear of the pinbox.

I also had cracks in the frame,personally I would keep an eye on that too. Same hastle getting them to fix it and if my dealer hadn't threatened to make them come pick up all of their trailers I doubt anything would have been done. I almost lost an axle too, I am one of the lucky ones that caught it before it completely came off. The bolts holding your springs to the schackles need to be periodically tightened or tackwelded.

This is not something listed in general maintainence but is very important.

These are only the major issues I had, there were several more everything from my surround sound not being completely wired in to the air conditioner not being adequate to cool the trailer due to adjustments they had made to apparently quiet it down to my couch falling of and closet falling down the first time I hauled it. Plus only one side of my front cap was called and they forgot to put the insulation in the under belly from about ten fool in front of the axles all the way to the back.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #754331

FOREST River can be sued under the Magnesun Moss Warranty Act. My 2013 Tracer ia a piece of garbage.

We should get together and bring a class action suite against them. There is strength in numbers......fumming


Wow, I'm so glad to hear that Forest River finally came through for you. So we have the same situation and I'm hoping that you can guide me to the right person to talk to. We bought a new 2008 Wildcat (By Forest River) 32QBBS. In late spring of 2010, when the warranty was still valid, we found major water damage and mold throughout the dinette/sofa slide-out when we went to load up the trailer for our first trip of the year. My husband had gone in and opened it up about 2 weeks before (opening the slide-out, filling the propane, charge the battery, etc) and then when we went in the trailer to start loading (the night before our trip - of course), he found the mold all over the carpet, walls, cabinets, sofa, window coverings, dinette benches, etc. It had rained one day during that 2-week period that the slide-out was out, then we had a bunch of warm weather following that rainy day, hence the mold growth. But hey, those things (RV's) are supposed to be able to get wet, right? There are 2 skylights in our slide-out, and the leak was around one of them. The factory (here in Oregon) told me the same thing that you were told... seals are not covered under warranty. We documented well with lots of pictures. Our insurance company sent a claims guy out to look at it, and later they denied our claim and said they don't cover any mold issues.

Who do you recommend we talk to? Did you call the corporate offices or what?

The dealership told us that if we just replace the carpet and fabrics (sofa, dinette benches, etc) and just clean real good, it would be fine. First of all, I disagree. Secondly, I have a chronic illness and it makes me VERY sensitive to mold. Also, the cabinets in the slide-out are warped and damaged (not to mention all of our belongings in the cabinets that got ruined).

We paid close to $40,000 for our trailer and still owe on it. It's pretty tough making a payment every month on a trailer that we haven't got to use in a year now. When it happened last year and we discovered it the night before our trip, we ended up having to pay to rent an RV because 1) we couldn't get refunds if we cancelled our reservations and 2) we were going to my uncle's wedding during part of the trip and wouldn't have been able to get hotel reservations on the day of the wedding. We coudlnt' just not go, so we rented another RV.

I'd love any tips you have for us in contacting Forest River as well as what helped you get their attention to where they finally changed their minds and repaired the damage.

Thanks in advance.


As I promised Forest River, I would give credit if credit is due. After my last complaints in August 2010, Forest River researched and found my claim in 2006 and said that they "unjustly denied" my claim.

They shipped my trailer to their mfg. plant in IN and almost cmpletely rebuily it - it needed it. I commened them for coming through and making the situation right. I will now recommend them - even though it took 4 years.

I feel whole again. They even domed the roof, which I thought was a flaw in their roofs that they were flat.

Sunshine Bay, New South Wales, Australia #197627

I agree, I bought a sierra 2007 too and i had been expirencing water leaks since the first day that forest river and the delar dont honer.... they keep trowing the ball to each other

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