Forest River surveyor had poor engineering flaws. This resulted in a rotted floor and costly damage that was not even worth fixing.

Without a visit to the Forest River factory, the engineering flaws would not be noticed until it was too late. Forest River did not respond to numerous follow up calls regarding a resolution for the situation. After searching the internet, I found many other cases just like mine.

There should be a class act law suit against them for their deliberate negligence. Thank you for your website, and allowing people to post their bad experiences to keep others informed so the same mistakes aren't repeated.

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BMoore...MN If there is a class action case please let me know! I have a 2018 Dynamax and have nothing but problems.

The list of the problems is a long one! Let's just say the dealership has had it in their possession longer than I have had it on the road!


I have a Dynamax and am experiencing warranty claim delays and deceptions.


Me too! Please sign me up!


I totally agree. Is there a class action suit against Forest River?

If so how would we get in touch with that party? We also have/had a serious issue with the floor in our travel trailer. We had to replace the entire floor.

Called Forest River several times with no help from them. Most of the time we were put on hold or we left a message with no response.

Saint-Lazare, Quebec, Canada #1325912

I bought a 2012 shast revere bu forest river. The whole push out wood panel is rotten with black mold only 5 years old. If anyone is starting a class action suit I'm in!!

Elk Mills, Maryland, United States #1252183

I agree that there should be a class action lawsuit filed against Forest River and Prime Time Manufacturing. I have numerous problems with rain leaking in on my Avenger Travel Trailer that was bought brand new 6 months ago.

I cannot get anyone from the company to return my calls, emails or messages through their website that I have left. This company should not have a license to make campers, RV's etc.

They don't stand behind their product and the customer is left with no recourse for the issues we are left to fix ourselves.


I may be interested in the class action for our 2010 Rockwood ultralight 2701ss which has delamination issues.

Kurt Bramstedt

Orange, CA 92867

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #667759

I bought a 2009 Forest River 28BH new in summer 2008. Just after the year warranty was up I noticed the tub was leaking water whenever someone had a shower.

The sink vanity outside the bathroom got all moldy and there was some damage to the floor. The company denied denied denied any culpability, blaming it on a leaking slide and calling it a "regular maintenance" issue. Two of the tires were so rotted and cracked they had to be replaced. This was a total nightmare dealing with these crooks.


That aside, I pressure washed the unit summer before last and now a good two foot square piece of the floor is gone near the slide. The floor is made of totally *** fiberboard that can't stand the slightest moisture. They build them with the cheapest *** and when something like this happens they just lie through their teeth.

The floor should be covered in a good grade plywood that can withstand moisture. This company needs to be held accountable!


We are also having major problems with our Forest River Grey Wolf pull behind trailer. The Flashing around the bottom of the door pooled in water and is rotting the floor.

Our unit is only 1 1/2 years old and the warranty does not cover it? It came that way from the factory that way but the dealership where I bought the unit and the extended warranty from claim it's a defect of the seals which are not covered. Does this make any sense?

It will cost us up to $3000 to fix. It still smells like new and has been used only one season and was sealed in the previous 6 months!


Hey Chigger I would like to get involved on the class action law suit please give me the details. marze1@sbcglobal.net


I am talking to 3 lawyers but it takes time we are talking of a class for everyone. watch 57000 $ 5th wheel etc for more info

to chigger56 #719072


to chigger56 State Park, South Carolina, United States #1180960

Is this open yet.... If so how do I sign up? Msegers@ymail.com

to chigger56 #1529777

If this is still open I would like to get involved. Email me at snowangel_58@msn.com


Hi I too am having major problems with my Forest River Sandstorm 42' toy hauler. I like the idea of power in numbers and class action.

I might start a group on FB to gather us together to prepare for a fight. I have been ripped off for $60 000 and had my home pulled out from under me.

I am now living in a Boler Trailer and a steel shipping container. :( :upset

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