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I will never again buy anything made by Forest River. We have a Georgetown motorhome that has ahd lesk issues from say one.

We have ahd a total of 13 leaks all in different locations and the will not do anything about it. We have been fighting with them for years.

The leaks are so bad that the ouside walls are now starting to seperate and we have wood in the walls and ceiling that have started to rot and willcost thousands of dollors to repair. The side mirrors are ready to fall off because the walls thay are mounted to have so much water damage the screw are coming lose!

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Repair.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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can we spell

Lake Stevens, Washington, United States #935413

I have a 2014 wildcat max i have returned it several times for leaking issues and poor craftsmanship. I have had it in the shop for approximately four months in the year that I have owned it.

The slide out has consistently leaked and they have replaced the slide out etc.

other workmanship on the trailer was consistantly it not up to standard. The trailer would return with shotty workmanship and or new issues would show up and the consistent issue with a leak I would be curious if other walkouts like to pursue a lawsuit

to Nitro #1103125

Lawsuit count me in


2004 Georgrtown 359


What year and model

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #687119

I hit "***" thinking there were comments there. I'm sure it's not *** but Forest River fits that description quite well.

I wouldn't buy their products either....

Sad. So sorry for this poor guy!


I bought a 2004 346dfs off a dealer in Hamburg, PA.in January 2007. It was my first RV experience.

It only had 6000 miles on it. It smelled musty from the start but they assured me that all used TV's have that smell. Well after sitting in my driveway for three months I finally got to use it. The ceiling was saturated.

I argued with the dealership about it and after a long battle and many phonecalls with forest river, they decided to replace the roof. A year later said.e problem and mirrors fell off going down highway, outside compartment doors fell off all because of the water damage from the leaky roof. The side of the RV walls are swollen and wavy from all the water. It is horrible.

Does anyone want to help get started a lawsuit against forest river. I am sure we can find plenty of other complaints.


Ihave a 2004 370XL that has been back to the factory six time for windshield cracking and comeing out,then water leaks after they moved the roof.Side walls are rotten now.They want me to sign a letter of releace now. They will not fix anything ,PATCH IT

to Louis Cherry Montgomery, Alabama, United States #937811

I not only have countless leaks but windshield issues also I wonder if there are enough Georgetown owners to file a class action? the dealer I bought mine from will no longer carry their products.


I too bought a Forest River Georgetown 2010 and have had serious concerns about the quality of product and workmanship. Thinking about getting a lawyer.

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