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TRIP FROM FLORDIA TO HOME. INTINAL COMPLAINT While dumping the tanks I noticed wear on the right rear tire on the inside worn and left tire as well.

I looked under the unit and found the axle tube was bent, forming a smile. When it should be a frown. The front axle is fine. Tires are wearing fine.

We have less than 3000 miles on this unit. Please advise on what to do. RESPONSE Cherokee Owners Relations In order for me to further assist you, can you please provide the last 7 digits of your VIN MY RESPONSE 4X4CTF21DY205049 RESPONSE FROM Cherokee Owners Relations Good Morning, It does look like you are out of warranty. What I could recommend is that you contact Lippert, the manufacturer, to see if they could assist with anything further.

Their contact number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. If you have any further questions, please let me know. Thank you MY RESPONSE That’s not an acceptable answer. The axles under the unit are 5200 pound axles.

The GVWR 11890 which makes the axles under rated by 1490 pounds. The axles installed are to light. Thank you RESPONSE FROM Cherokee Owners Relations Good Morning, The axles that are on your unit are not underweight. The axles that are used are designed to carry the allotted weight.

I apologize that you are having issues, but again, I cannot assist with the repairs for this. That would have to be taken care of through the manufacturer. Thank you Well in closing this is what has happened. I had the unit repaired, axles $ 1100.00 this includes freight, tires $250.00, labor $800.00.

While the unit was being repaired it was found the water tank supports were bent due to light weight material being used for supports and the tube that hold the dump station hose was about to fall off the bottom of the unit. Spent $62.00 on angle iron 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 to support the fresh water tank. Straighten the old supports and install new angle for additional support. Reattach the tube that holds the dump station hose.

All this for a unit that was purchased in February of 2013. LCI/LIPPERT Complaint sent This complaint was sent to Lippert/Lci as well the response is as follows. I would like to know how to handle this. I have gotten nowhere with forest river on this issue.

Please review the attached document Please respond asap. Thank you Lippert response Thank you for contacting Customer Service for all contact proceeding replay only to this email thread. Lippert response Goot morning Rory, I am going to need the rest of the units information, 1.model number 2.date of manufacture 3.date of purchase I am also going to need a couple pictures, 1.axle tags 2.pictures of the damage 3.tire wear is any Thank you for contacting LCI Customer Service for any other contact or responses concerning this case please only reply to this email thread. Thank you, don’t know what to do.

My unit is unsafe and not useable. RESPONSE FROM Cherokee Owners Relations Good Morning, There is a percentage of GVWR that is put toward the hitch weight. The hitch weight on this unit is 1490lbs. If you contact Lippert, they will be able to give you any further information about repairs or warranty that could be available.

I do apologize about any issues that you are having, if I can try to help with anything further, please let me know. Thank you MY RESPONSE Hitch weight or not the axles are under rated. One axle (rear) is bent the other appears to be fine according to tire wear. I am totally disgusted at this point.

We by a RV from a company that we thought produced a nice product and 3 years later we have to spend over $1500.00 in parts. Labor is yet to be determined. I need to do this to make our RV usable and safe. Some responsibility falls on the manufacturer to insure a safe product.

I think the company needs to step up and help with the repairs. Thank you RESPONSE FROM Cherokee Owners Relations Good Morning, I did look into this further to see if I could find any other answers for you, and unfortunately we are not able to assist with this repair. I do understand that this is a Forest River unit, but Lippert is the manufacturer of the parts that you are experiencing troubles with, and they would be able to better explain repairs and options for this. Thank you MY RESPONSE Yes this is a Forest River unit.

But you Forest River decided to put light weight axles under the unit. This makes it your fault for putting incorrect axles under the unit, not the axle manufacturer. At this point I My response Here are the requested pictures. Lippert response Good morning, I am sorry about the inconvenience, but I will be unable to assist on this claim.

The reason for this is the work is already done. I could have possibly had parts sent out at goodwill. Another reason is that the unit is almost 3 years out of warranty. Thank you for contacting LCI Customer Service for any other contact or responses concerning this case please only reply to this email thread.

Thank you, My response Well I bought the axles directly from you. At least you could refund that part. Lippert response Good afternoon, I am sorry, but I will be unable to assist. Thank you, My response Well that's too bad.

The unit has less than 3000 miles on it and it sat in the driveway for one year. Forest River and LCI don't stand behind their products. Guess I will have to take a different approach.

Thanks for nothing. Signed Disgusted customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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