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Well long story. But truth I am beyond done already, needless to say we bought a 2018 Shasta Oasis special order at an RV Super show in Jan 2018, well our sales rep was from up north, after we were approved that day we never heard from him again, then I had to contact the dealership to get someone to help us out, well needless to say about after four different people we finally got one that was helpful, but needless to say our camper after one week of having it at home and took it out once we started to notice a lot of flaws, leaking, roof caving in rip in the floor, oh my good I could go on forever well needless to say, it should have NEVER PASSED the DAMN Quality Control people.

I have been calling the warranty guy from FR and all he keeps telling me is it’s all fixable, umm no it’s not. The dealership has over 4 an half pages of issues and my first payment is due , I don’t even have my camper. And now to remind you the camper we special ordered is at the dealership and everyone so far has refused to swap us out.

The photos aren’t even half of it. So you can say I am very mad , one unhappy rver,

I would like if any one then a manager to contact me.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Shasta Rv Oasis Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Trade me out like yesterday.

I liked: Overall design.

I didn't like: Not taking ownership for poor craftmanship, Runaround excuse making.

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I am very pissed off as well and no matter who I call I always am not satisfied any suggestions


"Needless to say", repeated four times in the first paragraph, is frankly, NEEDLESS TO SAY.......Proof read so your comment actually means something, Needless to say, that repeating the same phrase over and over, Needless to say, is as annoying as this comment. Needless to say, you likely won't agree but it goes without saying, that is really, Needless to say.

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