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We purchased a 2014 Sierra 360PDEK by Forest River at Specialty RV in Lancaster, OH. After two short years of little use, the slide out stopped working. Thank goodness we purchased the extended warranty!! The Air conditioner also went out at the same time. We took our RV in for service at Specialty RV. It has been there for two months and no end in sight. They are going around and around with Forest River and Lippert about a part number....
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Anonymous This is so helpful. I am sorry you are going through this. I am ready to retire and I am an amputee with many friends in USAA and disabled groups. The last thing we need is ga...


Anonymous I totally agree - this company should not be allowed to be in business.
I would support a class action lawsuit to reclaim my loss but they probably have sheltered their equ...

I have a forest river Salem that I purchased new 2 years and one month ago. The warranty on the AC is for 2 years, and it just went out. My repair man checked to see, if they would still cover it, they said it was manufactured 28 month ago, so the warranty has been run out to long. So, in short, Forest River, does not stand behind, the garbage they sell. I guess that's why, they can sale them so cheap..
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