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I have been totally ripped off buy major RV in Hesperia and Forest River in Rialto I bought a trailer in July 2015 cash money major RV said the trailer was new it's so lightweight trailer a week after I had the trailer I had to bring it back I had no trailer brakes a couple of weeks after that I told him that the trailer was bumping on top of the tires he told me to slow down I told him I do not drive any faster than 55 I'm retired I'm in no hurry I retired last year from the longshoremen's Union been planning to go on the road for 20 years they put a switch in in the brakes worked temporarily we got on the road to go to Colorado as we were going out I was starting to notice the trailer getting lower and lower on top of the tires what time we got to Colorado suspension was completely out the water fresh water tank what's falling out the pump has stopped working refrigerator is not working it will not get cold enough to keep food fresh it does not work on electric we are parked in the rear is wobbling after a year being tossed around promise phone calls to set up to get into the manufacturers major RV new that have done damage to this trailer and I tried to fix it the sinks in dreams that were put in there was pipe *** all around the top of the drain pipes were leaking underneath the shower P-trap had to be changed along with the drain it's trailer was taken out and it was abused and then they tried to repair it at Major RV which the network finally after a year and having to get down to threaten litigation call major RV talk to the service manager and he told me that they have been arguing over who was going to pay for the trailer I have it on recording he told me that use the trailer and there was some damage done to it but it was still a new trailer I corrected him it is a reconditioned trailer this is the way you guys do business you allow your daughter to do whatever they want knowing that the factory has an idea and in fact that they had done the damage obviously I said Hemet California around the corner from where they build these things not very far from Rialto finally getting an appointment I rent a motel for $700 for one week I tell them the laundry list of the things wrong with this trailer that has not really been used it's been in storage I had to bring my Airstream all the way from Alaska to get home from Colorado I put my trailer on my plane and flew at Ontario Airport I have a 15 year old 747 jet airplane for my company it is non-profit we help drug addicts and alcoholics women with children men with children and so on Veterans homeless we have been in business for 27 years I am retired they put on this thing the tire is wobbling now I have no fresh water and I am sitting in Colorado with a four month old baby then with my wife 10 years not even a thread of pregnancy 2 months after retirement I have a beautiful baby girl that I do not want hurt what Rob did to this trailer is sabotage and he refuses to fix it even though the work has just been done apparently there was some mistake putting on the actual as he claims to put on the very spray-painted to me trailer still sitting at the same height about 2 inches off the tires which now of course that is gone he said he changed leaf springs no I've marked them spray-painted didn't take much to see the markings Mike the service manager there told me if I would have anything else to the list it would be longer than a week when I talked to Rob he said he could have had it done in one day and I could have been out of there when I got there it was not even done they were still pretty spray painting everything the stairs which made me suspicious which I know it's customer service maybe but as I started to look I started to see things that were very familiar I expected the trailer to be fixed I just left the factory with a wobbly wheel on the brand new axle with my fresh water tank leaking all down the street the front that they replaced the meadow where the paint peeled off not even two weeks after having it which was the first thing that happened I am in Wellington Colorado there is a Camping World right here but I'm sure I can fix this right and also give you account ability that what you guys are doing there in Rialto this is very dangerous my family is at risk when I sent something that I had paid cash money for I have been messing around with my warranty playing with the dealer and the factory got involved because I showed up there one day and the representative from Forest River it was there I'm pretty sure it was this guy Rob all he bragged how he was going to get it done I told him I was going to go to Hemet California and that weather ever it's time to get it done I will be there I live in Hemet California with no emails no calls no type of communication send many requests to get this trailer fixed finally called major one more time to talk to the service manager told me they were still fighting over who was going to pay for it this is not my problem I bought a brand new trailer that's what I deserve to have I do not deserve to have a trailer but the suspension is wore out after a couple of thousand miles and my trailer is being damaged as I'm going down the road this is not fair and I know the world isn't fair what the laws of California state when you buy something it's supposed to be what it's supposed to be it was supposed to be brand-new it is not the major work that has been done to this trailer for the type of use it is and being accused of abusing the trailer by saying I'm a full-timer I am a full-timer in the summertime what the *** does it matter I bought this trailer to use it should work here regardless I have not overloaded this trailer because I was told I only had seven hundred pounds and Storage I'm traveling in the summer minimum store they have every excuse why 2015 trailer supposedly never used is having problems and they refuse to fix it that does not make any sense yes my warranty is right now but I have the paperwork showing that the work has not been done in over a year so My warrant you can't go anywhere but the work they have done is faulty it is falling apart and like I said it it's getting ready to snow where I'm at and I have no fresh water and it is leaking which it was not leaking before I brought it to the manufacturer my phone number is 909-717-0875 my name is Christopher Collins I bought a 2015 Forest River Salem 27 rkss I don't know why Rob has an attitude with me I have done nothing to him but try to get my trailer fixed I don't need to be threatened I don't need to have stuff fixed and you tell me you're not responsible when it leaves that yard yes you are and you know the laws this is faulty product and it needs to be fixed Camping World like I said it's a few miles away a simple phone call could solve all this and get my trailer back on the road and stop playing with me I wanted a new trailer because I am 100% disabled I do not want to be working on stuff I will get stronger as time go on and that will not be a problem but right now it is tremendous problem and it's about to be a bigger problem because I'm not backing off I am not getting ripped off this is awful terrible treatment of another human being that paid you money for your product and you refuse to take care of it by playing games like little children and that's exactly what happened you got my money so screw me that's not the attitude for business unless it's yours

Product or Service Mentioned: Trailer.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Aylmer, Ontario, Canada #1221509

So how do we reward these rascals for their deception and theft?

Do we form an association and go after them through legal means or is that an exercise in futility?

Would it be better for form an association and go to Elkhart and block access to the plant? Get the police involved and make international news.

I am up for doing something other than just complaining.

best regards

Jim Boak

Aylmer, Ontario, Canada #1221508

I think there is enough of us P'Od customers to converge on Elkhart Indiana and boycott the company until it is shut down.

Check out their code of conduct. The are in violation of every standard they have set for themselves.

This is a Berkshire Hathaway company and we should all boycott Berkshire Hathaway products for the rest of our lives and inform everyone we know of their theft of quality and value.

Jim Boak

Milford, Michigan, United States #1211574

I paid cash for our trailer I have had some of the same problems did they ever make things right I am so sick of the lies it just doesn't seem fair to work your whole life then when you buy something so you can enjoy the rest of your life all you get is JUNK !!!!

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