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Several issues right up front. Dealer switched the trailer that I picked for this one exactly alike except the one they sold me is flawed.

Within the first week, leaks in sewer pipe, lights in Refrigerator, Range Hood, and Outside went out. Within 5 or 6 months the radio that I used perhaps 6 times, went completely out, powers on but no sound and would not power off. Microwave was seeping water and didn't always open when depressing the button. 7 months after purchase, the leak flow valve underneath the bathroom sink failed and leaked water all over the bathroom and kitchen area.

Could not reach anyone at Forest River for weeks ( in attempts to locate a Dealer in the area that I'd moved to) and this water was constantly flooding and flowing. Finally got a Contractor to come out and place a temporary fix, for which Forest River would not pay him as he wasn't a Dealer. Forrest River employees continued to just transfer my email from one dept to the next and the next and the next until finally someone called me weeks and weeks and weeks later only to advise that my Trailer was manufacturered in Oregon and gave me another set of phone numbers to reach someone for help on where to go. When I contacted these people for the Oregon location, I was told repeatedly via email that the closest authorized Dealers were in 90+ and 100+ miles from me in Upland and Tehachapi, CA, I finally located a Dealer 10 miles from me that handled Forest River Products.

This was in February. An appt was offered for March (a month later) to repair the issues. I was also told that the repairs for the Propane leaks, the water leaks could be done right away as soon as approval and parts were received would take at least 2 weeks. The radio and water damaged paneling would take up to a month as these weren't urgent repairs.

I took the appt dropped my Traile off March 14, 2017 left town came back April 14, 2017, NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING had been done. They had simply PARKED the TRAILER and left it SITTING for over a month on their lot. The microwave had been ordered but not installed. The Bathroom paneling had not been ordered at all.

NOT even the Leaking Propane issue addressed. The manager of the Repair Shop (Bobby Wayne's RV) tried to ease the situation somewhat about a month later by having some small repairs (not covered) completed free of charge, i.e. eletric outlet cover, side light cover and the Break cord repair/replaced. I was called to bring the Trialer in approximately 2 or 3 weeks later to have the microwave installed, the flow valve replaced and the Propane tank pigtails replaced.

When I arrived home I found the Propane smells continued. I dropped by the shop and advised the Repair Dept manager, he simply added it to the list of items to be repaired. When I stopped in again a few later for status, the manager had someone come out to replace the other pig tail, this didn't resolve the issue, I had to call in again and request another visit that the sent out the Tech again (the person was hired for driving and RV delivery by the way) this time the Propane Regulator was replaced and this specific issue FINALLY resolved. FINALLY a month ago an appt was set for 1.5 weeks ago on July 19th approx I arrive, the person now handling the repairs is out the first person who allowed the unit to sit for a month on the lot without any work being performed talks to me says he's taking the vehicle onto the lot.

I set outside with my trailer parked on the street for well over 30 minutes before calling and inquiring as to when someone would retrieve it. This person, Richard has the unmitigated gaul to suggest that I leave the vehicle parked (insurance issues) that that would eventually make space for it on the lot and take it in. He then decided that they'd just made room for it and would come out and get, which he did. I left and stayed gone for well over 6 hours, no call from the dealership, No answers when I called in several times.

I finally go over to check the status and NOTHING has been done. The trailer was left to sit. Richard advises that appts or for drop offs, that he is the only one there and hasn'[t been in the office to answer the phone. I check with the manager Doug who advises that he wasn't in the office when I came by, (yet another customer had advised that he'd just stepped out before I came in) and that Alex who the appt was with wasn't in that day.

I ended up sitting at that shop until 11pm that night awaiting the installation of the radio, the Black Tank Indicator and the Bathroom Paneling. After the first two hours Doug the manager comes in to advise that when they were rinsing the tank they discovered that the "flow valve" that was previously replaced was again leaking, that is was just faulty design and that I should just place a towel there in the cabinet each time that I rinse the Black Tank (this is a 2017 Vehicle). I cordially and politely requested that they replace the faulty valve. Doug advised that it would then take 2 hours longer (7pm) I left at 11.

The guy installing the valve found it very problematic to get the valve installed. It had not taken this long this first time, which leads me to beleive that the valve must not have been installed correctly the first time. After finally getting the valve installed they technicians began to install the bathroom cabinetry. Upon inspection before leaving I discovered the two pieces on the floor of the cabinet were not replaced (yet were damaged) The technicans simply stated that they had placed seam tape there because the parts had not been ordered.

When I present this to Doug the manager, he presented me with the Work Order to sign off on and stated that "the parts weren't ordered, it's structural". I have sinced noticed that the panel on the outside of the bathroom next to the refrigerator was also damaged from the leak and had not been addressed. I discovered after leaving that one of the technicians had apparently removed the battery in my smoke detector and reinstalled incorrectly as when i open the door to the Trailer the door to the smoke detector was haning open and the battery lying on the floor. Also discovered the water to the commode was not on.

I called and was given instruction by one of the techs on resolving those two issues. Later in the week I discover one of the burners on the range has been knocked alose from the welding and the issue with the Black Tank Indicator is still problematic, it goes almost immediately to 1/3 after first use (likely normal) then goes to 2/3 tank full within 3 days then back to 1/3 up to full then back to 1/3 within a week.

When I first got this trailer the black tank indicator functioned correctly up to the 3 or 4th month before this issue began, it it functioned correctly it would take 2 weeks for the tank to fill. After all of this time, effort and frustration, I am left with at least two of the original problems and one new one.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Forest River Cherokee 19rl Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Due to defects, bad customer Svc by Forest River and Dealerships; partial refund of 2,000 and authorization to have Camping World complete remaining repairs..

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