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I will never purchase another Forest River product. The workmanship is bad, bad, bad.

Forest River does not fix things that are broke or from poor workmanship. It is up to the consumer to prove it was poor workmanship. We needed repairs done to our new Heritage Glen and Forest River denied 4 of the 8 claims. Our dealership had our RV for 3 months, not because of them but Forest River held them up.Our dealership fixed the problems themselves.

I would not recommend Forest River or any of their R.V.'s. Their customer service is terrible.

Once you purchase their products you are on your own. They will tell you anything to sell a product.

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We sure do feel your pain... We too have had nothing but problems with Forest River.

Will never buy another forest river product again. Problem is, they do not care that they have unhappy customers.

to Anonymous #1037623

I can't believe the workmanship is this bad on such a nice looking TT. Is it even up to code to put an electrical outlet directly under a water source?

Plus the outlet is facing up on the floor. Not even fastened to a wall.



I too have had many issues with my 2015 heritage glen 312qbud. Electric jacks don't work, front door is warped, drawers fall apart and now I went to use my black water flush for the first time and water gushed out of the bottom of the TT like it wasn't going into the black water tank.

I stopped and not knowing what to do I decided not to use it. The next day I did not have any power to any of my outlets including both refrigerators. After 6 hours of trying to figure this out I pulled out the drawer above my central vac and discovered the black water flush check valve is directly above a upside right outlet for my central vac. So when I tried to use the BW flush it gushed water all over a live outlet which was plugged into my garage.

I can't tell you how mad this makes me. I spent a lot of hard earned money for this POS and never again will buy another Forest River Product.

Customer service not only sucks from FR it is terrible from my dealer that I bought it from.


I know of six people who purchased new RV's in the past two years, three Forest River products, three Thor products one being a 5th wheel that cost over a hundred thousand that has been back at the dealer since 9/2014 and here we are going into Feb. of 2015. My point is they all have their problems but as the buyer what are we to do?


I totally agree with you about Forest River... They should be put out of business....

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