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I'm in the same boat.....or trailer as you. It's the biggest piece of *** I ever purchased.

Cant oet kids touch anything cause it scratches, falls off the wall, brakes, or something? It's a glue together trailer w/ the absolute cheapest materials they can get there hands on. Ripping toilet paper off the roll and the holder falls off the wall, setting the air and the thermostat falls off the wall, fridge wont lock so you have to bungie cord it so your stuff wont fall on the floor, curtains fall apart, you drop a tupawear bowl and it chops the floor, put dishes in cobords and they rub off the frost film, the wood (cardboard) has tape wood grain that if you touch it it WILL CHIP. And this is all from 3 camping trips.

I'd love say give me all my $ minus $5,000 for the use I had and call it even but I'm stuck w/ this lemon. Looks great but so douse a rib eye steake.

Now look in the porslin bowl and hows that steak look now. Like ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree with you I have a 2015 with so many problems .and the dealership I got it from and forest river said no help your on your own .

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