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I have a 2018 Vibe, which is a 38-foot travel trailer manufactured by Forest River. We bought this lemon new in July 2017 and have discovered that Forest River just does not care if you are a "happy camper." Here are some of the problems we have experienced: * Clogged black water flush valve --> NEVER worked * Propane option for hot water heater --> NEVER worked * Silicone stained the first time kitchen sink was used * Screws fell out everywhere, and I mean everywhere * Leaky plumbing * Shower door leaks like a sieve * Glitchy exterior LED lighting * Cordless shades that never hold up or fall down if they do raise * Frozen plumbing despite assurances it was well-insulated * Trim falling apart * Drawer hardware that forced the door to remain open * Seat cushions that remain flattened after just days of use Worst of all, when contacted, neither the dealer (San Antonio RVs from Seguin, Texas) or Forest River seemed concerned.

I never heard the words, "I am sorry" from Forest River. All they said was "take it to an authorized dealer" for repairs. To sum it all up and tell you what Forest River RVs are truly worth, the dealer offered to buy it back for $20,000 on a unit with an MSRP of $42,000, just 5--FIVE--months after purchase brand new. THAT is all you need to know, folks.

If I could sell this rolling piece of junk for what I owe on it, I would be so happy, so Forest River--do what's right and contact me and buy it. I will never bother you again.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Forest River Vibe 313Bhs Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Just buy it from me so I can pay off the balance owed to the lender..

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Terrible quality control.

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THANK YOU everyone for the honest reviews , i was just about to buy a forest river surveyor but after reading these reviews decided not to , the one that really convinced me, was the recurring problem of customer service don't want to deal with a company that won't stand behind their product.


We are on day 2 of our new 2017 Vibe (285BHS). Here is our list so far: 1.

Bathroom door won't shut 2. Fridge wouldn't work (because no one ever plugged it in) That's the dumbest one yet. I had to unscrew and pull out the fridge to plug it in. A customer should never have to do that.

3. The outdoor kitchen pull out drops off the track. Track is broken. 4.

Couch drawer has no clips to stop it from coming out while driving. 5. Outside LEDs are not working on one end. 6.

Screws are missing everywhere. And..... This was our 2nd attempt with Forest River. We traded in our 3yr old Salem for this Vibe after the rash of problems we had.

Too many to list. The last straw was the siding ripping off last week while driving home. So we are no 0 for 2 on Forest Rivers. Shouldn't cost me a penny, but it's time and my dealer is 1.5hrs away which is not so convenient.

BTW, we are in Ontario, so problems also occur north of the border as well. Thanks


Hi, I also have the same issue and would be interested in this lawsuit. I have a 2015 Vibe and the thing has been junk since I bought it.

I have had it to have multiple repairs and the the list of items grows each season. Leaks, broken parts, poor construction, poor design (bump outs don't close are the refridge hits the island). I have tried to trade it in and I can't get anything for it as well. I was offered 10k on a 36,000 camper that is 3 years old.

I am stuck and the problems keep mounting. Please help!


I have a new one also with same problems . Here is my email to get in touch .

I have had Forest River called and lied on what they would do . I have docamented all of it .

I have an artorning who is willing to do class action against Forest River . I now have 72 people and this has only been a week and this is customers that has rvs that are less then a year old .donnagail55@gmail.com

to LaDonna A #1490439

I would be interested in joining that lawsuit. My Vibe was bought new two years ago.

Took it back five times first four weeks. All water issues. Then three weeks ago while sanitizing the water system the Reservoir dropped out. They accused me of over filling yet it has a over flow valve that was open and the fact that I've been doing this for 20 plus years.

GM won't even return my calls. Does Warren Buffet know we are being treated this way?

to LaDonna A #1490446

Please reach out to me. Jeff Johnson at jeffjohnson1204@yahoo.com


I am having some of the same exact problems with my brand new 2017 Forest River 329 BHT, including their horrible, near non-existent customer service.

to Hank #1644174

I also have a 2017 329 BHT and won a judgement against the manufacturer - for the endless problems. Write me back, I had a great attorney.

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