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I bought a 2001 Flagstaff front dining room travel trailer. I used it on weekends in the summer in Western New York.

The hot water tank NEVER worked, I took it to the dealer, and they told me it was clogged with bugs, or spider webs. The cleaned the gas pipeline for the hot water tank compartment, it still would not allow the gas through the line. The window in the back bunkhouse on the drivers side of the trailer from the 1st day would not lock in place. It would be shut before driving to local campgrounds and at time of arrival would be open and approx.

1-1/2 inches open and be unlatched. We tried to close the window with two people pulling inward and one outside pushing in, and still could not make the window lock in place. The smoke alarm was place in the roof, in the middle of the area between the kitchen and the back bedroom area, however, the bathroom door could not be opened as the smoke alarm was in the way of the bathroom door. The microwave did not work correctly and would short out the electric service.

We took the trailer back to the dealer, to look at these complaints but they were not able to fix all of them. The dealer moved the smoke alarm out of the bathroom door path. I was staying in the trailer for a year in 2006 through 2007 and the roof began to leak over the front dining area, and down the side of the kitchen area. Within two months we had leaks around the bathroom sun-roof, the TV antenna, the air conditioner, and the back side of the bunk house.

Now the floor is ruined because of the water running out of the cracks, even when they were repaired in 2006, when they first started. The walls by the kitchen closet is warped, the closet by the bathroom is warped and the bathroom door will not shut due to the swelling caused by the leaks. It was a shock to me to understand that the roof was not made of fiberglass like the sides of the trailer was, and it was a canvas type material. I am angry that the roof material was never discussed, and that on the roof, where the purchaser could not see, was made of such inferior materials.

If the roof had been guaranteed for 12 years, but not the seals???? What sense does that make? My trailer was made in 2001, but the trailers made much later, and as late as

2011, are still having issues with the roof? Why, it seems Forest River has had several years to rectify the problems with the manufacturing.

I would like to begin a class action suit, for anyone who has problems with the roof, after purchasing a Forest River Travel Trailer, or 5th Wheel. If interested in joining us please contact

Monetary Loss: $16000.

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