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I purchased a 2014 337XL and it is junk. It was delivered on May 15th and I still have not driven it.

There were over 20 issues that are still waiting for parts from Forest River. Pictures had to be taken and approval had to be received from Forest River before the dealer could proceed with the repairs. Also, the motor home, in my opinion, appears to have been sitting in flood waters at Scott's Motor coach in Lakewood, New Jersey. The underside of the unit is all rusted and pitted.

The fuel pump in the generator was replaced and the one that came out was completely rusted. This motor home looks like it is over 10 years old and it is brand new. Whom ever is in charge of quality control at Forest River should be fired. The fit and finish of this unit is pathetic.

Still haven't taken ownership of this unit and I don't want too.

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Was there not a big storm named sandy that hit jersey with salt water surge in 14 ?

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