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Purchased a 2014 Palomino Columbus at the end of Jan and have continued to have problems with this unit.

1. Drawer in bedroom wouldn't close

2. Wood trim coming loose on the living room slide

3. Residential refrigerator was not secured from factory properly causing it to rip the door straps from the cabinets (straps are attached to the front of the entertainment cabinet and connect to the microwave cabinet). The straps are not supposed to be weight bearing but the refrigerator shifted and made a mess of the cabinetry.

4. The shut off valve for the ice maker was not installed at the factory. The line runs unprotected underneath the slide. Therefore, when it is freezing outside the line freezes and there was no way to turn the water off to that line.

5. The cable connection in the living room quit working.

6. The outside radio shorted out.

7. The electronic leveling system quit working

8. The "top of the line" Beau wood linoleum bubbled up throughout the main level.

9. The subfloor throughout the main level needs to be replaced because it is so soft and unsupported you can see EVERY support beam and flooring in between sags. There are parts of the floor we feel like we are going to fall through it sinks down so bad.

So far everything has been fixed except for the floor. I bought this camper at the end of Jan. I bought it two days before I went out of town to work. When we got to where we were going the problems began. Took the camper back to the rv dealership in April and it stayed in the shop till August. The. The dealership did not even address the sub floor problems. They just slapped some more linoleum and called it good. Took us a week to pick it up because everyday we were scheduled to pick it up something else went wrong. For instance the leveling system went out and we couldn't even hook it up to our rig. I asked the dealership how they had it for 3 months and didn't notice. Response was we move it with a tractor and didn't notice. (Nice)

Finally got it back to my house to pack it up. Then I notice the shoddy work with the floor. Floor still very spongy and linoleum looks worse!! You can see the support beams even worse and globs of glue underneath the linoleum! Couldn't take it back to the dealer at the time because I had to go to work. While packing it up the outside radio shorted out. Called the dealership and they told me I had to bring it in just so they could order a radio. UNACCEPTABLE! Trying to pack it up to leave the next day... I don't have time to bring it up there just for a radio!! Just order it! So of coarse I had to raise *** and get forest river to send me one. I had a local dealership where I am now install it.

By the time I reached my destination, the cable in the living room wasn't working! Had to run the cable through the window!

$70,000 rv and I'm having to run the cable through the window?! REALLY?!!

While the technician was fixing the radio today, I had him look at the floor. Now in order to fix it, it needs to stay in the shop for another 2 months. The main floor will have to be gutted to fix the subfloor. I'm talking both super slides removed, lower kitchen caninets and plumbing. It Wil need new carpet and new linoleum AGAIN!!

So Forest River asked me today if I can take it to the factory in Indiana. Well NO I CAN'T!! Who can just leave their job for that long to take a camper over 1700 miles away (one way). No Forest River! How about you buy this camper back since it was obviously not put together correctly the first time??!! How about Forest River take responsibility for its FAULTY product?? Why do I have to keep taking the financial responsibility for a multimillion dollar company's mistake?

This is my third Forest River product and MY last mistake with them. Consumers BEWARE!!

Review about: Forest River Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $55000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Quality.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #1208606

I had a similar issue with the floor, they fixed it at the factory and it no longer sags but the workmanship is so bad, my walls also cracked so the factory had to replace both walls, ever since they touched the unit at the factory we had nothing but issues, we spoke to the head service manager at columbus and she said they will not do anymore repairs, I will never buy another forest river product


We also purchased a 2013 385 BHS and have had problems from day one. It has been back to the factory once and is going back again.

The first trip involved floor replacement, ac replacement, three doors replaced, cracked tank replaced, two microwaves replaced, bunk install that was suppose to be there when we bought the unit. When we got it back one slide wouldn't move, the main fridge would not run, and the outside kitchen had no power. This was all after very little use one summer at a one site. We didn't even haul the unit from our site.

Now it is scheduled to go back in a month for wall replacement. I asked that forest river buy this unit back and the response was that they don't do that. So I asked that they take it in on trade for another and again they don't do that. So I guess you pay $70k on a unit and they don't feel it should be $70k quality.

We had a forest river for seven years before this one that we had no issues with but unfortunately after this Columbus we will not be buying another.


We had a 365 RL that was riddled with major issues. After 2 years we traded it off at a bottom line LOSS of $28,000.

My opinion is that Columbus RVs are ***

to Anonymous #1524224

I think I must have your RV. Wish we could talk!

Sanford, Maine, United States #1115926

Had similar issues with our 2013. Never buying a Forest River product again.


Ours is terrible too. So many problems..such a waste of our money!


I have a Columbus 3650 TH Toy Hauler, I wont go into specifics about all the issues I have had, but my last is the soft floor issue. Mostly mine is in the entry way.

I have seen a fix done by someone in the forum and intend to tackle that shortly. But apparently Forrest River is in fact doing some shoddy work with these units, so buyer beware.

You are welcome to contact me for sharing information at

happy travels


I have the 340RK. 2013.

I bought it new. I have had nothing but problems. It is 60000 piece of junk. I sent it back the Elkhart Indiana.

They kept it 5 months before fixing it. Promised to extend the warranty for 6 months. That was not true. I have an a/c burnt up.

Has been to the repair shop 6 time. Water leaks. The problems never stop.

My advise is PLEASE don't put yourself through all the pains . Buy ANYTHING else.

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