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We purchased a new FR Rockwood 5th wheel in July 2015 it is now April 2016 and our unit has been in the dealer warranty shop for 5 of the past 9 months. While some loose screws, some rattling and loose things are to be expected with an RV, this unit appears to have many problems that when all combined make it not a pleasure to own and our 1st vacation more stressful than relaxing. The below does not include the counter extension and the radio/entertainment system needing replacement prior to our first trip. We purchased this new unit thinking we would have a unit that was trouble free and relaxing as we travel. While several of these as individual issues would be tolerable, when all are put together this becomes a major problem with the unit. Starting with the minor problems all the way to #12 which is major:

1. Window crank on second window at dining table off its track and have to hold closed with bungee.

2. Rubber molding that covers screws at front sides of trailer on right and left side blew off and came loose on freeway.

3. Kitchen faucet loose and bath faucet handles loose.

4. Front cabinet door above couch fell off because of screws not holding and hall bathroom door does not stay latched.

5. Shower door bottom gasket keeps falling off; the shower door now is stuck closed.

6. Water drip in basement on right side of trailer. It appears to be the hot. I also noticed water on ground under the red/blue water lines that are underside on right side of trailer.

7. Trim wood molding on desk slider is loose at the rear lower portion.

8. Various screws under skirting have loosened and have to always snug them up.

9. The tires on this unit are “rags”, load range C 15”. Less than 4,000 miles and all tires do not hold air and one has sidewall separation. Forest River said they us different brand of tire now and will send me one. Of course mismatched tires are not safe but Forest River seems not to care.

10 Coaxle cable at antenna where it goes down thru roof appears to have frayed and does not appear weather-tight. There is a rubber boot at the roof end of the cable but no place for this boot to cover.

11. Rubber trim molding that covers screws on front exterior blew off while driving down freeway.

12. The roof at the front of the trailer leaks. This is not just a leak but a MAJOR problem. The leak has caused water to enter the bedroom behind the wall and cabinet due to front cap deformed. I am sure the insulation in the wall is fully soaked. The wall will have to be removed and the insulation replaced. Rockwood knew that model year 2015 units built prior to July 2014 had front cap problems.

13. The front exterior upper nose “bubble” has deformed also the molding above the bed at the cabinet has “popped” off, probably due to leaking air conditioner and the Rockwood decal is peeling off.

I feel that this unit is a LEMON with many issues and the roof leak is a MAJOR PROBLEM. We did not spend $48,000 for a unit with a roof leak at less than 3 months and one 3,200 mile trip. If I wanted a unit with a roof repair issue I would have purchased a used unit. We asked our dealer to fight on our behalf regarding this “lemon” but their service department is just another problem with this process. My thought is that RnR should have never delivered this unit due to the front cap failure prior to delivery by never mentioned. At the very least I feel that Forest River/Rockwood should compensate me with a “manufacturer rebate of perhaps 10% since they knew that the front caps built prior to about July 2014 were failing and my unit was built sometime in May 2014. Vin#861166

This reviewer shared experience about "bad quality, defective, poor service." and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $48000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Forest River and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Forest River is the worst ever. I had a water leak and with black mold and they would not fix it.

It was only 2years old at the time. I bought new because I want years of no problems. That is not the case with Forest River products. Please do not buy a Forest River Product.

Do your research, but absolutely buy Forest River made camper. Please email me @ mattrcr@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Malta, Illinois, United States #1221257

Forest river products and company are the worse

Ellsworth, Maine, United States #1203617

Good luck, buy an RV from the lower end suppliers, roll the dice...


It is really too bad that you purchase what should be a very nice and comfortable coach and it turns out to be a headache. Unfortunately, it really takes the fun out of owning a camping unit.

Good luck with getting it repaired and reimbursed for your time fooling with it.

We have a 2010 Jayco 5th that causes many of the same problems.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours replacing the water pump and lines.

Happy camping.

Dave @ prairie fire.


I have the same front cap problem see my post #863277 I am anxious to see if they will fix this problem......wont hold my breath though!


I'm so agree with you, Forest River sucks, their warranty sucks.I do not recommend anybody to buy Forest River Surveyor period.

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