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We have a 386x12 XLR - Title says 2011 but its really an early run of the 2012 Thunderbolt, just with different stickers. Bought it new at the dealership Oct. 2011 Anyway...

We had some problems early on that we wrote off to being a new unit:

Leak in the roof because they forgot to tighten the sat. dish screws.A couple seals on the inside of the slides weren't there at all: But they sent them to me and I installed them.It didn't have the Winterization package as stated, but they did some stuff to make up for it.We actually tried to pressure them into replacing the rig but just couldn't swing it.

When we moved it from our house in AZ (Dry climate) to our property in Florida, we had 2 tires blow out. Tires less than years old and less than 3000 miles on them. We bought 6 all new tires to be safe.

Its been set up here as a guest place when friends and family visit. We keep the air ***. running on it just to keep it dry in this humid climate. I use the garage as a tool shed now and then, store stuff in the underbelly storage and use the underbelly radio etc., so its not like we've totally ignored the rig.

Now that we have some friends arriving at the end of the month we starting going through it to make it ready. As dumb luck would have it I was in the bedroom when it started raining. After just a couple minutes I saw water just POURING IN through the master bedroom headboard wall outlets and light fixtures.

I guess this has been happening over the last couple months of rainy season be we weren't living/sleeping in the rig so we didn't know. All that water has been poolin at the night tables ruining them, mold, ruined carpet, molded the mattress, the bed deck, the wall lights and so on. Everything on that forward bulkhead is ruined. (See attached video)

So here's what I'm asking:

Has this happened to anyone else?Any guesses where water would be coming in such that its NOT causing wet ceiling or side walls, but its a fountain on the forward bulkhead, which is inside the decorative nose-cone? Looks like coming in through the hole for the electric lines (see 18-22-20.jpg)Since this rig is clearly past the one-year warranty does this seem like manufacturer defect and/or roof issue? Roof I think is 12 years, right? I'm thinking a leak at the roof where the nose-cone is attached.Forest River is already under investigation and law suits for not filing recall notices, safety defect calls and so on. Does anyone have contact information for a lawyer already involved in this? IE: Group or class action suit we should become part of?

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It's not dumb luck they build them that way, I know having worked for the industry. They say they are allowed to design under an exclusion to UL and CSA/ANSI standards.

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