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I purchased an Apex TT. Before I even picked up the trailer the dealership had to replace the overhead awning because it was broken.

I've been on 2 local trips. My second trip was in August 2014. On this trip the weather produced rain in the middle of the night. Both beds were soaked.

Wet pillows and blankets. Woke up with rain dripping on our heads. The canopy beds bother leaked on and around the seams. ** I spoke to the service manager about the issues of the leaky seams.

After I showed him the videos and pics of water leaking in the beds his response was "they were going to spray all the seams with a waterproof sealant". I DON'T THING SO. After this ordeal I came home and inspected the entire trailer. The craftsmanship is horrible.

Split and cracked interior finish and non finished wood. Interior wood that does not completely cover unfinished areas. Warped finished fabric and trim. Trim that is loose and damaged.

Wallpaper trim strips do not cover the staple and seams. Dents in the refrigerator. Cabinet hinges are installed with a mixture of flat head and round head screws. Handles on the cabinets are placed in the wrong area of the cabinet which doesn't allow the door to close.

The installer actually placed a felt tab over the bolt of the handle so it wouldn't dent or scratch the trim when it was closed. Storage boards are cut too short and fall into the storage compartment. Metal shavings still laying in the bedding area. Wall receptical is poorly cut out and the plate moves around and pulls out when you unplug something.

The The exterior is just as bad. Foam sealant molding is missing on the entry door. The caulking looks like it was put on by a 3rd grader. Warped bed hatches.

The latches that close the bed hatches are rusted already. Not to mention the bolts used are a mixture of flat head bolts and ratchet bolts. They don't even match. Exposed seams, either because they weren't caulked or expansion pulled away.

I thought there was a dent on the exterior corner and I was afraid that the dealership would think I did it but they stated it was made if fiberglass and it could not dent. It seams that when the manufacturer put it together a screw drew in the corner making it appear to be a dent. The awning was broken but replaced before I picked it up. There is suppose to be caulking where they replaced the awning bracket but was never caulked.

Window vinyl molding on the window is falling out. I'm very disappointed with the craftsmanship. I'm also very worried about the production of the rest of the trailer. I feel I got a true lemon.

U drop off the trailer on Sept.

3rd 2014 to the dealership. My goal is to greatly compensated for the used vehicle that I purchased new or they will be keeping this piece of junk.

Reason of review: Below standard craftsmanship, damaged parts, poor craftsmanship interior and exterior. .

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Bend, Oregon, United States #900344

I had a lot of the same problems. Did you get any satisfaction?

Boise, Idaho, United States #878992

Hi i just purchased a 2015 mini lite 24ft 2305s. Im finding more issues like the ones your stating. Will u let me know what dealership said or worked out for u..


Looks like they made that trailer on a Friday!

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