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Update by user Apr 17, 2013

After 8 weeks I finally got my trailer back. A lot of overspray on the decals.

The Manager would not come out to talk to me. He sent the salesman that sold me the trailer. They would not extend my warranty 6 month's. Figure they could do that to compensate for the time it was down.

They would not agree to a buy back or exchange if it happen again. They kept changing the subject.

Took it up north and back and then up north again.Had about 2 dozen smaller paint chips. Called to inform them about the paint for future reference. They are not as bad as in the past, but still there.

I cannot tie the trailer up anymore so I touched up the chips and have some POR 15 coming. A paint/sealer to stop this any further. I hope. Expensive, but recommended by a friend.

Like all of you, it's frustrating. The state should investigate this company for all of the defects that are coming out of their plant. At least with the big three you can communicate directly with someone from the company. This company has no contact method to talk to someone from the plant.

Shame on them and I will not recommend any products that's produce there. Eventually, it will catch up with them and then it's goodbye.

Nobody will buy their products and their employees will be unemployed. Shame on them and a shame to the business that sold me this and not backing it up like they should.

Update by user Mar 23, 2013

It's been 6 weeks now and I still haven't gotten the trailer back. Was told I may see it by the end of the month.

Was told they are painting the complete trailer this time. But still don't feel good about the future with it.

Already thinking lawyer. Will update in about 2 weeks.

Original review posted by user Feb 07, 2013

I bought a 5x8 utility trailer in November of 2012. I pulled it up north 100 miles and alot of the paint fell off from the fenders and frame just from the vibration of the road.

The place I bought it from sent it down to River Forest and they painted it again. 4 weeks later I get it back and I pull it 100 miles up north again and again the paint is falling of the fenders and frame. I took it back this week and ask about a new trailer. The business said it wasn't up to them, but up to River Forest.

On Monday Feb 11th it's going back to Forest River for another paint job. They refuse to replace it.

It will probably be another 4 weeks before I get it back. Will keep you inform on what happens.It's all about money and not the customer or the product they build.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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