Things that should have been checked at the factory or checked by the dealer slips by. Range hood falling off on one side, Shower enclosure not fastened to the wall right, black tank leaking first time out, keys breaking off in locks.

bad counter tops. defective water hoses the cause bedroom and bathroom to flood. This is just a few of the problems. They fixed all of this, but it should of never left the factory or dealer like this.

It took time out of our camping time to get it fixed.

Now it is in the shop since October 13th waiting for slide out seal. It is now October 30th.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The a/c does not work and outdoor kitchen design is horrible my camper is never cool and the beds in back are hot. Its crazy we asked for help from Forest River and they said NO.

Very poor customer service. At first contact they were willing to help and when we brought to dealer they said NO!!!

Staten Island, New York, United States #1073351

I agree with you 100 percent. I love my camper but by far the worst craftsmanship. I have owned several campers and boy whoever put mine together definitely had a hangover!!

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1056333

your first mistake was buying it, your second id keeping it.

The A/C units are 25% over rated. a 16,000 btu/hr unit has only a 12,000 btu/hr.

capacity. The water heaters are typically 20% under sized. They can burn up the wiring when they burn at the orifice. The Awnings can't meet the fire ratings so don't start a fire under one.

Currently there is a CSA investigation of the water heaters for now compliance of size, operation and emissions that can be 3 to 4 times the 400 ppm CO limit. And you thought letting your children play with matches was bad.


We have issues also. Tires are cheap and one blew out damaging our RV after the second year of use.

Now we found a mysteriously structural defect that causes the floor in the bathroom and outside the bathroom to bow/sink. We also found the outside kitchen stopped working right after the year warranty was up.....We will never buy a Forest River again, they have been less than helpful and only gave us $75 to repair our RV when the tires blew.

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