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Purchased a 2008 Forest River Berkshire. From the day of purchase ground faults keep popping, ceiling fans work occasionally, Back up Camera Occasionally to NEVER.

Manufacturer will stall until the one year warranty is up. Also, inverter was acting up from day one had a RV repair shop look at it since I was travelling. The RV place got the inverter manufacturer on the phone did some diagonostics said it was faulty to send old one to manufacturer and will replace with new one. The mistake was giving a credit card until the new one was sent.

A year in a half later still no reimbursement. And, contracdicted themselves saying there was nothing wrong with the old one. Everything is falling apart to hinges, doors have never been aligned, counters are seperating from the walls, the flooring is lifting. Could go on and on just pure lemon and put together like it was legos.

Numerous problems with freightliner and Cummins...but that is a whole nothing story to deal with. To date in 28 months I have well over 30 repair invoices, paid out thousands from my own pocket. Six trips, 4 times towed in. Been driving a year without a blower motor because nobody is claiming it is there repair and passes the buck.

One huge Headache....How do the "Snowbirds" deal with this????? I am going after somebody under the "Lemon Rule"

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Repair.

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Need to find out if anyone with a 2004 forest river sierra without the hard front cap is having problems with buckling and the front pulling away? Our insurance companythey say it is a maintence thing and is water damage so they will not cover it and I have started to gather info on the buckling and after 2004 they went to a hard cap was there a recall please help!

Bought a 2012 292fk salem hemisphere in feb. of this year and have had it about3 1/2 or so months. and it has been in the shop 4 time for atotal of about 1 1/2 months :( .both sliders leaked all the windows on the drivers side leaked,both door windows leaked,slide out in bedroom ripped hole in floor and in rear wall,shower is coming away from wall,all cabinet doors dont shet right and I could keep on going .We are now in the process of trading this poorly made lemon in on a 5th wheel toyhauler :) .STAY away from :( these brand of trailers if you dont want the :upset

We bought a 2002 Sierra from Forest River it is a 30ft FSS. The roof is soft from it leaking because of bad caulking from the factory.

The tires all went to *** a couple years after we bought it one blew out the sheet meatal.The floor in the bathroom cracked so we retiled it.when we slide out out the trim rolls in with it.It all boils down to crappy workmanship and bad quailty control. They won't back up their product.


Purchased a 2011 salem cruiselite tt. Have had problems with it since day one..We have a double door on our travel trailer and both doors are letting water in around the seals like no other.

As you look at the door from the outside both doors have a good 1/2 inch from the door to the jam.

Water is also coming in around the window in the bedroom. Anyone please email me if you hear about a lawsuit going


have had ours ten years and have had problems from walls and ceilings name it and have never gotten satisfaction from forestriver still owe on it and afraid to use it. LAW SUIT ANYONE ELSE THINK SO!!!!!!

Sunshine Bay, New South Wales, Australia #197628

we need to get togather to present a law suit for lemons or somthing .. i been speaking withe lawyer in FL which say i have pretty good case now ...

i think if we can get 5 or more suits we can make them pay for this !!! shoot me an email if intrested

to george adame Baltimore, Maryland, United States #754335

We have a 2013 Tracer that is a piece of ***. Forest River can be sued under the Magnesum Moss Warranty Act. We should get together and bring a class action suit against Forest River. A class action suit would get their attention and they would have to pay the attorney costs.

to Fumming New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #761169

Planning on it.


New Salem Hemisphere. the factory messed it up royally, holes covered over with tape in the walls.

Very visible. A quarted size hole in the flooring filled with apoxy. Very ugly. Edges of counter tops are frayed by the saw and they tried to hide it with putty.

console off center by 4 inches, Booth falling apart. doors hitting lights, slide out hits speakers. Speaker reset and all holes in the ceiling just left. Screws hanging out all over the place, We will not let this go.

ever. Oregon plant sucks.


2002 Wildcat is delaminating everywhere. Buyer Beware.

Already spent thousands on front of unit and now the back and sides are falling apart. Will never buy their product again.


Have you gotten anywhere with the lemon law????

I too have a forest river piece of ***. Trailer is totaled due to the manufacturer not completely assembling the trailer....Buyer BEWARE


We have a Sierra and have to many problems to count. Quality and craftsmenship are a joke!

You are not alone out there. How did you ever find someone to fix your RV?

No one will touch it in Illinois. They are too afraid of FR!

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