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Please read before deciding to purchase a Forest River product.

On a Brand New 2012 Work-N-Play 5th Wheel Trailer, the cables snapped on the 600lb garage door and the door came crashing down almost landing on my husband. Forest River refuses to replace the door and blames the incident on us.

Brakes went while driving, causing us to slide through a red light. Shower leaks and has cracked several times. And many other issues. This is what Forest River tells is "Quality Work".

Anybody else having issues with Forest River please submit complaint to ABC news. Maybe they will investigate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

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Your truck should be the one stopping your trailer.. that is what the brake assembly is for inside your truck.

The spring on door should be replaced by the door manufacturer. contact them.. every time I have had an issue with an individual item problem i refer to my owners booklet and it tells me which company to call.. And believe me I have had them.

every thing from my toilet to my frame work to slideouts.

you just can't let FR handle it.. as an owner of anything you must do the calling..

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