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Bought 2014 forest river cedar creek silverback! Have had 2 months cost $38000.00.we have had so much moisture,cabinets inside full of water on walls.water bubbles and running down wall seams, over slides inside closet.Sugar and salt gets hard, boxes of food gets wet!

Forest river and rv service people tell us all rv's do this. We had a keystone copper canyon 2008and had for 5 yrs no moisture except on windows. We are not dummies when it comes to owning a rv. Now what does moisture cause, mold, rotting and mildew.

I reacon they think we wanted to spend that kind of money for that. They got another thinking coming.

We will do whatever we have to get results. Our advice don't buy a cedar creek!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

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West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States #900733

I have the same issues with my Forest River salmon Bill a classic. Actually have mold growing under my cabinets under my stove is always soaking wet.

Excessive condensation huddling in my window frames on my windows. I was told this happens all the time and that I should leave a window open which I do and still have excessive condensation.

They told me that this happens with all Arby's. Never happened with my Sprinter trailer that's for sure.!


We bought a brand new 2015 Silverback in September 2014.... experiencing an odor in the kitchen cabinets that permeates everything, even food products that have not been opened.

Box containers, plastic containers.

It's not a moldy or musty smell, it's an odor hard to describe.

Tyler, Texas, United States #808346

We have had had the same issues and took the flagstaff superlite to the dealership in January and got it back a week ago. The answer is it is our fault for not venting properly which is ridiculous because we were.

We have had a Jayflight and never had a problem. Plan to sell this one as soon as possible.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #773818

I am having some of the same issues. I bought a 2013 Forest River Salem Villa Classic for $34K.

I have experienced severe condensation and my slide is bowing. I bought the camper in February 2013 and added a screen room in June. Now they want me to take everything apart and bring it back to the dealer so they can put in a new floor using the same material which will only warp again! The other option offered is to put another piece of flooring overtop of the already warped piece which will cause a 2" lip on the slide out and not fix the problem.

It will cost over $1500 to remove the screen room, hire a tow to bring the camper to the dealer and back and to reset the screen room and you know, once it the roof of the room is taken apart it will not go back together perfectly again.

Along with this, I asked questions about my warranty and have been waiting over 2 months for answers from the dealer. Also for two months I hve tried several times calling Tony from Forest River service department and have not received the courtesy of a return call.

Windsor Mill, Maryland, United States #772785
I hear you. We have a new 2013 Tracer and had it in for all three leaking slides 2 months later.

Went back to the dealer again because the bunk slide wouldn't work which they fixed. Went back to the dealer again two weeks later, the same slide wouldn't work again. The RV has been at the dealer since early November and is still there, untouched, because they are waiting for Forest River to honor the warranty work. I am furious.

We have looked into the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Forest River can be brought to arbitration for loss of use of your RV. We are gathering our paperwork now and fully intend to pursue. I also agree, let's get a class action suit going, the lack of response on their part and no concern for quality is appalling.

We never have had an RV have the kind of condensation you are describing, it's a load of crapp that all RVs to that. Don't drop it, hound them everyday. I'm sending them emails every week and printing/dating each one as documentation for the suit.

Good Luck.
Sherman, Texas, United States #771072

We had ours two days and the dealer has had it for two months, nothing has been done yet.lets all get and attorney and sue

to Charles #771082

We are with you!Talking to lawyers now!send contact information txhis is our home!

Longview, Texas, United States #768605

We have the same issues in a 2014 Flagstaff Ultralite. Same answers from FR. We also had another RV and no better.

to Anonymous Davenport, Iowa, United States #768781

Do not give up! Thats what these big manufacturer wants customers to do!

We feel they should be made to pay for their mistake's. All the want to do is get them built with no quality work to get them out to the sales lot!

Lets sstand up to them! There are LEMONLaws.

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