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I purchased a new 2017 R-Pod 180 from Camping World of Jackson, MS on Apri 6, 2017. Picked up on 7th and parked in garage with AC power connected.

After about a week the lights wouldn't work because the battery was dead. I checked the converter and it was not charging. I took it back to CW Jackson and they checked and said was working fine. I took it back home and within a few days same problem.

Took it back to CW and they said a new converter was installed. Took a trip and no problems with converter but found out hot water heater bypass valves wouldn't let water into heater and you have to take the bed apart to get to valves. The first time we used the lavatory drain water went all over floor. The drain was not tightened at the sink.

Hand tightened and fixed, but later on same trip noticed water leaking to the outside of trailer. Found that the supply lines to the lavatory were also loose. Hand tightened those and fixed. Took another trip July of 2017 and on second day of being in campsite the battery was discharged when we returned to camper after day trip.

While the camper is being towed the battery is charged from truck, but after a few days of no converter working it discharges and the cooling won't work and the frig won't. I had bought another battery and portable charger and using those we finished the trip. I took the camper back to CW of Jackson about 17 July and left it with them for week. They would check it out and find problem.

Same problem they said bad converter. I assume they replaced but not sure since I've found out about Forest River's terrible warranty process. Anyway we started a 5000 mile trip on Aug 8 and after traveling for three days we stopped and parked at RV park for three days and batteries were discharged to about 11 volts and lights were flickering. Used portable charger and continued trip.

We are still on the road today(29 Aug) but converter is not working. Don't count on Camping World for warranty work! I was going to layover in Oklahoma City at CW but they said it would take 3 weeks to get unit from Forest River. I'm taking back to CW Jackson next month but don't expect much.

Eventually I'll replace with a better converter.

The WF8955 is junk and I've talked to other owners and technicians in 4 states. I'll never buy another Forest River product or anything from Camping World

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Forest River R-pod 180 Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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having same problem with 2018 r pod 180, cheaply made but still expensive for quality , nice idea but cheap product. will not purchase another forest river, looking to sell or trade, Interested? trailer has approximately 600 miles not even dirty.


I'm having converter problems right now on a 2018 179. Battery not charging.

Recharging the battery via my TV and jumper cables may have killed my battery, too. Ugggghhhhh


R Pods are turning out to be crap.n I have a 2017 179 and there is always a problem with something! I should have learned my lesson with Forest River Products.

My husband and I purchased a 5th wheel and the slide caused more problems than the worth of the 5 Wheel. It was a lemon.

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