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We traded a nice 36 ft Montana on a 2017 Salem Hemisphere 299RE to accommodate my wife's disability. We were told in the sales process that this Forest River product was un upgrade in quality. What a load of BS that was. Because it was a special order we didn't have the opportunity to see it first hand and we trusted the dealer. That trust has been lost. This thing is a POS and should never have been approved for sale by any certification standards.

We called Forest River and all we got from them is "we are sorry you are disappointed"

I wish there were some way to hold these folks accountable. This was supposed to be special and our last one going into our golden years. It's special all right and the only gold we had is being enjoyed by the thieves at Forest River.

Buyer Beware don't buy their ***.

I am told Warren Buffet owns Forest River. If he does he should be ashamed of his connection and terminate it immediately.

Heads up everyone - stay away from this companies products. If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit count me in.

Jim Boak - 1 519-670-1004

Product or Service Mentioned: 2017 Forest River Salem Hemisphere 299e Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I just purchased a tree damaged palomino T 8ltd pop-up from a dealer. Having experience in RV repair This little pop-up is built ok for what it is.

Regardless of what you pay these are manufactured trailers. And as almost everything else lately nothing is made to last. What I did for repairs will far out last anything Forest River put together. I once owned a Layton made by skyline, I got the same treatment from them and the dealer over warranty issues.

People don't learn or do the research.

I paid 1500 for an 8k camper. That's about what it's worth.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1326456

While Forest River remains on my hit list I do have to credit our dealer Great Escape RV in London ON. They took the Hemisphere back on trade.

We bought extended warranty so he could re-sell it with a full year warranty.

We were charged for the warranty and two weeks use $1,000 which seemed a bit steep but he did give us a great deal on a Winnebago 5th wheel which we have been in for 3 weeks now and we love it.

It is shameful that a major manufacture would wash it's hands of all issues and leave it for their dealer to suffer the consequences of the customers dis-satisfaction.

I dislike seeing people lose their jobs because a company failed but this Forest River company does not deserve to be in business.

I hope you all do not have to go through the process we did to get value for your money.

Best regards Jim

to JimBoak #1505220

It's sad that the dealer had to settle the issue instead of the manufacture. I hope our issue with them can be settled there the Better Business Bureau. Keep you fingers crossed for us.

to unhappy camper #1505644

good luck be with you! I dont understand how this company can stay in business. "Take the money and run" must be their mission statement best regardsjim

Los Angeles, California, United States #1235773

This is so helpful. I am sorry you are going through this.

I am ready to retire and I am an amputee with many friends in USAA and disabled groups.

The last thing we need is garbage like this. Forest River might have screwed you; however you can take heart that this review will prevent many people from buying their garbage.



USN retired

to Anonymous Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1326373

My son bought a 2016 Reveree by Forrest river In May of 2016. He has had the use of this POS (five) times and after each it had too go back to dealer for warranty work.

The servicing dealer has bent over backwards to help.

You can't make a silk purse out of a (TURD) They took the unit back to The factory had it for four months when We got it back it was in worse shape than we gave it too them. I would never ever recommend any of their products Over priced POS

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