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I have had numerous issues with my 2013 Sunseeker 3170 DS. I have a leak somewhere in the coach that allows carbon monoxide to get trapped inside the coach.

My CO detector alarms and seems to be working fine. I had the fire department double-check to make sure it wasn't a faulty detector or other type chemical or exhaust that was causing it. They showed high carbon monoxide readings when it was in alarm. I am also having problems with my propane tank which will take propane as it should and has been overfilled due to a bad overfill shut off valve.

My propane tank was overfilled recently because the overflow valve was not working properly and so never indicated it had reached the 80-85% mark. I called Forest River and spoke to Russ in their warranty department. Russ gave me every reason why the detector was going off but would not even consider the testing I had done that proved there was high Carbon Monoxide levels. He said it was the battery emitting exhaust due to it being charged by the generator or engine depending on what was on.

he said I needed to check the seal in the battery storage because it must have a leak. I explained I just got through servicing the batteries and the seal looked fine. He said I needed to tighten the step down tighter. He also said when I was driving the exhaust could some how come back into the coach which would explain why it has alarmed while driving.

Despite every effort I made to explain to him the fact that I had professionals and their equipment to test it he showed no regard for me and my family's safety nor any desire to want to resolve the issue with me. I asked if I completed checking the seal on the battery storage and found it to be good, what would be the next step to getting it resolved? He said take into a technician and have it looked at. I said, "and if there is a leak?" He told me to pay to get it fixed.

I asked if it would be paid for through the warranty and he said, "You can try, but I doubt it" I explained the issue with the propane and again without regard to me or my family's safety, he basically said I can't trouble shoot over the phone. I asked if he could recommend where I take it to get looked at and he said sounded put out and said he could look it up online and tell me but I could just go online myself and figure it out. During this conversation I explained that my air conditioner has never worked. I have only turned it on one time since my purchase and it would not blow any cold air.

I did call a technician to come take a look at it and he ran all his tests and measured temperature and looked for leaks. He could not find any issues but said that because it is a closed loop system there is no way to check the refrigerant or pressure. He said this indicates that it most likely didn't get the correct amount of refrigerant and was not pressurized correctly at the factory. Russ then went on and on about there being no way for anyone to determine that and would not allow me to continue with questions.

I tried to get back into the conversation but he just went on ratting and raving. I finally raised my voice to break through all his clatter but he got so upset he hung up on me. No warning, no indication of any kind. So basically, Forest River had no desire or willingness to address or even help me address my issues.

They showed no concern whatsoever for my family's safety or the dissatisfaction I have with their product. I can see now I should have checked the reviews before buying. There are hundreds of complaints and only 2 resolved.

Horrible customer service and completely detached from a desire to satisfy their customer. One of the worst experiences I have had ever and such a high price to pay for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Warranty.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $85000.

I liked: Looks and the floor plan.

I didn't like: There attitude, Product quality, Warranty, Price, How they handle customer concerns.

  • Propane Tank
  • Airconditioner
  • Exhaust Leak
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
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Redmond, Washington, United States #995982

I rented a 2013 Sunseeker and had the CO detector go off several times. I realized that the generator exhaust pipe terminates below the front pop-out--the hot exhaust (CO) was rising to the floor of the pop-out and leaking into the RV. We had to leave the pop-out closed in to avoid the problem.

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