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My dad owns a Rockwood 2011 trailor. Firstly i would love to say our

first time using our Rockwood was a great expierience, but

unfortunatlly, upon setting up, when we got to the campsite, my dad was

sitting at the dining area; watching t.v, he tried to play the volume

through the radio system, which didn't work, we couldn't even hear our


secondly, me and my family were sitting at our dinner table about

to eat, when overtop our head there is a wooden cabnet which holds a

light, fell ontop of my fathers head. My dad had to go to walmart and

buy wood glue and two C-clamps to put the panels back together so they

wouldn't fall on us anymore.

Thirdly, When we went to open the refrigreator door, the wood panels both on the freezer and the refrigerator door; fell completley out. My dad had to completley reinstall them there.

Also, when we were using our new bathroom, me and my mom were shaving and taking showers and it worked fine.. but when my youngest sister tried to take a shower; the raw sewage backed up into the tub onto my sisters pretty little feet. Because they tied the tub into the black holding tank, Which is environmentally unsafe, A holding tank is to be seperate; & should only hold raw sewage so it can break down,and disspose of the raw sewage inside.

Ask them if they would like my dad to take a dump onto there dishes? It would be the same thing.

And once my dad put it into a factory authorized dealer, he has been

given nothing but excuases as of why these things don't work. therefore

he thinks River Forest should contact Chesco RV(4106790000)

immendiatll, & fix ALL of the above problems with our new camper.

Or we can contact our lawyer .. I would appreciate if they would own up to

there product name & stand behinde there waranty & contact Chesco Rv of

Joppa Town, Maryland again, 4106790000.

Wait a minute , i forgot something .. I will also put it all over youtube ! Im just a concerned 14 year old that just wants to go camping. Signed - Vera victoria Stonesifer .

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Lugoff, South Carolina, United States #863860

How has this company stayed in business for the past 10 years..are people that ***.I suppose so if they voted for obama...twice......


we also bought a rockwood camper from the same dealer as the original poster. It is the top of the line pop-up and has been falling apart from the day they gave it to us fresh off the truck.

The water doesnt work, the ac and fridge cant work at the same time, the fuse for the lift keeps blowing and the sofa is falling apart are just a few of what we have went through.

The camper has spent more time with the dealor than on a campsite. Think long and hard...they may look pretty but they do not funcion when needed to.


we also bought a 2011 Rockwood camper and thats what we were sold was *** our wood paneling fell off our fridge also ,our shower leaks ,our toilet leaks ,our stero system has not worked since day 1 ,and our lock broke on our door first day .My advice is stay away from Rockwood or your gonna be taken down the road

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