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We bought a 2008 Forest River Flagstaff 27' Super Lite. Within the first year we had 4 blown tires.

Within the first year we had a leak in the slide out. The dealer replaced the gasket (or at least said they did) but the leak must have continued. The outer fiberglass skin came lose in serveral places creating air bubbles between the wood and the fiberglass. We then purchased a $2500 cover to prevent any more damage but it was already to late.

We have (in 3 years) replaced a rotten floor and now replacing all the wood around the slide. We bought an extended warranty at the time of purchase and they do not cover leaks or the damage they cause!!!!!

Forest River products are very cheaply made and should stand behind their product or just go out of business. We are extremely dissatisfied with our purchase and stuck with it.

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In March of 2011 I Purchased a 2011 BRAND NEW Forest River Shasta 26QBTB pull behind trailer. After more than one year of dealer and manufacturer attempts to resolve a slide leak, and more than 30 other issues including a sinking floor tub, defective hot water heater, and permanent water damage they have not resolved my issues and will not refund my money or even provide me compensation, an equal replacement, or anything other, I am warning others about Forest River".

Shasta requested ONE final attempt for repair as a result of the demand letter I sent them two months ago|. However, they did not effectively repair the RV and sent it back to me with partical board exposed to the elements on the outer wall of the slide, a (still) leaking slide, water stains/damage where the water leaked into the main flooring from the leak, and a drill hole in the sunlight, among other things?. The repair process of their original manufacturing defects (despite their "industry accepted tests that are proven effective") are still ineffective despite best attempts and displayed patience for repairs/. I "explicitly detailed my expectations" in writing as requested by Shasta to diagnose a recurring issue that could not previously be identified through "Shasta's industry best practices" while the RV was at their manufacturing plants!. Their ONE final attempt was a concerted effort in failure'.

The original dealer stated that our RV was "the first unit off the production line" and "no wonder why you are having so many issues"?. The dealer attempted to contact Shasta more than 3 times about the slide leak (among the laundry list of other repairs);. Shasta has denied effective solutions to the customer and the dealer and wasted a lot of people's time, money, energy, and undue stress. Shasta has used up it's "one last attempt" at fixing EVERYTHING that is wrong with my RV.

They can have the title and RV as I want nothing to do with their defective product. Nor would I consider trading it in or selling it privately due to the irreparable defects. My values will not allow me knowingly to pass on these problems to someone else or I would have done that from the beginning despite the financial impact. I would have been able to recuperate 75-80% of my losses that way, which would have been acceptable at the time.

My next step is contacting local media outlets, provide online feedback on blogs, websites, and anywhere else I can WARN and PROTECT a potential buyer.

This has gone on far too long. I have been very agreeable on proposed repairs by Shasta and its representative(s). I have been as patient possible with Shasta considering the significant issues I have had with their defective product. I am not a "problem customer." I was sold a problem product. This RV is a lemon. I paid cash for a defective unit and they will not/have not repaired manufacturing defects. Further, I have provided Shasta one too many chances to correct the defects of the brand new RV and as a result I have lost more than 50 days of my RV being in the shop, and countless time trying to correct this situation.

I will certainly remain vocal to friends, neighbors, strangers, and anyone else I can warn as to this event for years to come.

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