We purchased a new Forest River Stealth Toy hauler and have found the axels to be out of alignment so bad it is tearing the tread off the tires. Also hae a problem with the water tank being plug up or something.

We filled it to capacity (100 gal.) , took it out camping and ran out of water the begining of the 2nd day. We had not taken any showers yet only used water for dishes and wahing up in the sink. We then packed everything up to head home and I opened the large tank drain on the bottom of the water storage tank and many gallons of water ran out onto the ground. I shut it off and turned the pump back on in the unit, but it was not getting any water to it.

When I fill the tank it makes gurgling noises and loud banging sounds, like it is moving around under the trailer. I contacted our local dealer about the axels and they said it is out of warranty.

I went to Camping World and got an estimate for aligning the axels and wheels, for over $1000. I am not at all pleased with Forest Rivers lack of Quality control and customer service.

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