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As if today still no response on trying to fix my new 2017 Cardinal . I am needing 5 more people and the attorney said we have a good case of a class action .

I am giving them a few more days but as of now there isn’t one service company will to work on my unit due to such poor manufacturing . I am going to post this every where . I have contacted Brent Shipp with Chanel 8 need die to we are wounded veterans . Here is some pictures.

PLEASE SAVE UPUR MONEY AND NEVER BUY FOREST RIVER . Will keep everyone updated but so far it’s beef 2 months and no repairs .

There are so many more pictures .

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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count me in on lawsuit pat loew 262-895-3997 the worst purchase I ever made 65,000 for junk


I Will join your list. 2018 XLR Boost has been in the shop pretty much since i bought it.

Right after our first trip is broke down from awnings, LED lights black tank not closing, leaking under belly etc.

It's been in the shop for 2 months now and still waiting on parts. I will join your class action lawsuit.

to Kathy #1500942

Please contact me at 435-676-2648 I bought in Las Vegas at Findlay RV. Too many repairs to list.


I will go in with you. 2018 ForestRiver XLR Boost.

Las Vegas. Findlay RV has had it for 2 months now and still waiting on parts. I have missed 2 camping trips because of this.

It's brand new and has been in the sop since after my first trip when everything went wrong. I don't know how you can contact me but if you can I will go in on the lawsuit.




I’m ah omg issues with forest river and camping world also. Please contact me at(850) 464-7281


Sign me up for any legal action against this reprehensible, DANGEROUS manufacturer. Coachman Freedom express.

2017 276RKDS. Purchased 6 months ago. Still jumping through hoops for warranty work. Too many issues to list.

Several issues are extremely dangerous and a threat to highway safety. Purchasing dealership ( Frost) was a straight faced lied. Unit appears to have been built by an unsupervised toddler. Anyone seeking recourse through the court's ,count me in.

Nothing else has worked. John McAndrew 775901808e3

to John mcandrew #1457733

I am having similar issues. I also have some highway safety issues.

What specifically are yours?

I am contacting a lemon law attorney on all of it. Would just like to know if your issues are similar to mine.


Im interested in joining your suit. Please contact meMichelle Fisler 732 687 9882Middletown nj

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