This is just one example of Forest River Salem Cruise Lite issues.. Now, its important to understand the Forest River offers the idea of camping to folks that would not normally be able to afford the opportunity. For instance, FR offers campers that are at a much better price point then many other companies- That being said, they are able to cut cost by using companies and products that offer a great warranty, not a great product.. then its installed by what seems to be inexperienced techs.

As you can see in the photo, instead of using proper plumbing they forced a connection which obviously didn't hold up. So the first time the camper was used a water leak was found.. that water leak is now two broken flanges.. one grey tank and one black tank, both of which will have to be repaired or should be replaced.. and of course the trap system will need to be installed properly. So now that a customer has taken a loan for the 17000.00 dollar and must keep current to avoid collection matters, they will not be able to *** in the own camper or use the water systems unless they and the camp grounds are okay with the leaking..

These repairs can be handled in two days.. but the parts will take several weeks to arrive and one poor hourly person will spend his or her time playing with someone else's *** just so that Forest River can deny the claim for not enough photos of the repair or instead of paying the dealer for the 9 hours it took to complete the repair, they will say it should have only took 2 hours..

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Warranty.

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Malta, Illinois, United States #1221238

Everything you said is correct forest river sucks and warranty department is the worse and never pay the dealers every rv dealer ive went the service dept says dont buy forest river!

Houston, Texas, United States #1192473

Call forest River manaufactures yourself and tell them your upset and ask them why for an American made family outdoor experience, is it not made better, and who's going to fix it. You want them to, and you want to see the plant and go up there, E lighting.

They will fix it in a day or to, if you push it enough. Good luck.

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