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Hello, I have a 2009 5th wheel Surveyor SVF306BH . Here is a list of my issues as of today.

The exterior is separating from frame. The laminate is separating from the plywood on the frame. Electrical system is terrible. The surround sound system literally shorted the electrical system in the whole camper.

It is the 3rd surround sound system put in it. The surround sound system continues to trip/or short to ground to this day. I disconnected the surround sound to keep it from doing this just so we can use the camper. We were on a camping trip and the battery back-up was about to blow up in the little storage compartment.

It was dripping acid/blew the caps loose. Rather scary. I am happy i was doing a check of the camper that morning. I do this every morning when we camp.

Its just a good habit to do. Plumbing fixtures are complete garbage. Everyone single fixture leaked or dripped water from day 1. I had to replace every single fixture with better quality fixture.

I chose to install Residential Fixtures. So at the moment i have email 3 different times to the people we bought it from, but no response. All i want to do is get some of the issues addressed before the warranty runs out. Which is what i think Forrest River is hoping for.

So they will not have to worry about it and we will be out of 25k. I am sorry to say to Forrest River, but that is not going to happen.

I will get a lawyer to address this situation. I understand that this is a camper and not my house....But Jesus man this is a sad, sad.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2009 Forest River Surveyor Svf306bh Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We have large black spots on our ceiling in kitchen. Anyone experiencing these black spots. I don't think it's mold.

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