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Update by user Sep 09, 2017

Well I paid the $370.00 to get the RV back but Johnnie Walker also paid $370.00 so this tells me I am at a good dealership with good people. They tried to fight with the manufacture for $370.00 for two days and the diagnosed the problem correctly Danny, Pat and Ron are stand guys and they definitely tried for the customer.

So the dealership gets five stars. The manufacture however after one trip won't warranty the repairs so all I can say is we will see you in small claims court. I love to hold people accountable when they obviously don't back up their products. They are claiming I pulled the plunger out LOL!

I checked the new switch that was installed and you really have to pull hard to disengage the plunger. This will be an easy win in court but going for the maximum amount to make it worth the time and effort.

Original review posted by user Sep 07, 2017

First time buyers experience and this is after our daughter already purchased from Johnnie Walker. I have to say for a first time customer we are very disappointed with the customer service.

We just picked up our RV and used it one time and had the following issues: 1) The refrigerator did not cool down after being on for 4 days straight 2) The screen door sticks really bad when the trailer is level but most importantly , 3) The emergency switch for the trailer brakes melted and we did not realize it till the last day of our trip when I saw the plunger from the switch on he ground when I tried to hook the trailer back up to the car which means the brakes were locked up on the trailer. You could not put the plunger back in because the switch was melted. This explains why we smelled a burning smell when we brought the camper home. The wires were fusing together from the minute we picked up the RV and that means the brakes were on the whole time.

I have been an electronic technician for 25 years and the only way the switch could have melted is if the two wires feeding it were exposed somewhere in the circuit causing a dead short while constant current from the battery was melting the switch and the wires or if the switch was faulty and had a dead short in it. Obviously since there is no voltage regulation in the circuit the amperage pull exceeded the wiring capacity and the switch and melted. When the switch melted the plunger was pushed out by the switch being deformed from the heat caused by faulty wiring ( Manufacture defect when pulling the wires). The wires became faulty when they were pulled from one end of the trailer to the other through the sharp edges tearing into the insulation of the wires causing the wires to Arc and fuse together.

The wires could have been cased in a protective plastic shield to avoid this but the manufacture feels the insulation the wires is good enough which is not the case. If the plunger simply was pulled out the wires would not have melted or the switch it would have just drained the battery eventually. They are taking a no fault position on this after it was used one time because they did not troubleshoot this correctly. Maybe most people would not know this but this is my field of expertise ( See pictures below).

It should also be noted the RV was turned in last Sunday and they didn't even look at it till Thursday but the RV was promised to be ready for labor day weekend. That didn't happen! They called the river forest factory and they refused to warranty the repairs after a single use of the RV. I would caution buying your RV here because anywhere has better warranty coverage than here.

It's ok to expect defects but after a single use of the RV all defects should have been covered. Now they want me to pay $400 half the cost which may seem reasonable to Johnnie walker but has to rate one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had! If this was any of our fault we would gladly pay for the repairs but they guessed instead of finding a root cause as I have provided. After giving this more thought I am not upset with Johnnie Walker because they are trying to provide customer service.

I am upset with the troubleshooting on the root cause of the brake issue. Because this issue was not explained to the manufacture properly it was not covered under the warranty. I feel to some degree I am being harsh on Johnnie Walker and I need to go after the manufacture. We now know why the RV had a burning smell when I brought it home because exposed wires were melting together which made the brakes be on the entire time I had the RV in my possession.

I am hoping when I come down to Johnnie Walker they will listen to what I have to say so that other customers that experience this issue don't get taken advantage of by the manufacture and that Johnnie Walker will not have to bear the brunt for EVO forest river manufacture. I will be paying the bill if I have to but I am going after the manufacture to recover the loss if we cannot work this out. It is a small amount of money but it is the principle.

I do have to say that my salesman Troy is Awesome and Pat in customer service is making an effort to satisfy his client. I think if this is explained properly to the manufacture they would cover it under warranty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Forest River Rv.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $370.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Overall design.

I didn't like: No backing of warranty.

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I also found chaffed wiring powering the running lights on the right fender on my 180. The light was not working and crawling underneath the wire was totally unsupported and constantly rubbed the tire until it shorted.

I looked at the left fender and the workman on that side had installed supports to route and hold the wire in place properly.... What kind of jerk workers must Forest River have? At least one did it right.

From the rest of the problems with my 180 most of the workers obviously fall into the jerk class. At present I am about $5,000 into repair work that I have had to pay out of pocket because Forest River refuses to accept any responsibility of any kind nor does my dealer so I was royally screwed both ways.

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