So I have read tons of bad stuff for just about every toy hauler manufacturer. Are there any out there that are good?

If not which are better than others and or what options should be avoided? I'm looking at a non-5th wheel toy hauler and want one that has the fewest issues. Seems like all posts I have read mention leaking roofs or slides. Slides I can do without I guess to aviod those headaches.

What other things sohuld I aviod.


I don't have 100 words to enter so I guess I'll just babble on until I do. thanks again

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #754415

I have a 2011 XLR 23FB and it has been great .i am now planning to sale it cause we bought a A class diesel .if you are interested call me 828-442-2273 Todd

Doon, Iowa, United States #745083

Check out the Amped toy-hauler by Evergreen, its probably the best built one on the market. Its pricey but you get what you pay for. I'm a 2nd generation rv service shop owner & my customers ask me all the time what to buy & we've done our homework on who builds them right.

to JimsCam***rvice84 Dallas, Texas, United States #745213

Perhaps you can lead me in "A" direction?? We have been looking at different brands and reading reviews for the past couple of months.

It seems as though no one is completely happy with their purchase. Trailers are expensive and we don't want to make a costly mistake. We just want a bumper pull that is nicely equipped and won't fall apart.

I appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks so much

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