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we are so afraid we are going to go visit and find him froze to death the heater is the wrong size for the trailer and if you don't drive to them the warrenty is void they have done charged him almost $350.00 to come fix his thermostat now and they wont tell him how to program it and he is only 20 miles from where he purchased it he has spent almost$1,300.00 on gas alone in three months he has the oven going and two plug in heaters plus the fireplace all at one time he has the best things running to keep pipes from freezing and he woke up yesterday toilet was froze sink was froze and the shower..The bed that was in there was 2 inches thick laying on plywood not a boxspring he had to purchase a $500.00 mattrest for it now we are scared he is going to fall through the floor these things are dangerous people should be warned when they spend $35,000.00 dollars for something that is made cheap.He is 80 years old and this should be the time to enjoy himself but not him every day is something else we are very worried for him if it doesn't catch fire from all the things he has to use for heat thin he might freeze to death or fall through the floor.This company is false advertisement to anyone looking to purchase A FOREST RIVER SUVYER PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND WATCH TO MAKE SURE IF YOUR PARENTS LIVE IN MAKE SURE THEY ARE SAFE.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Forest River Surveyor Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Your message would be much better received if you could type in English. This message makes it seem that you are so ignorant that none of your could possibly comprehend what you were purchasing. Incredible- no one will take you seriously.

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