In October if 2012 we purchased a brand new 2012 enclosed trailer (6x10) in Edgewater, FL. This trailer never hauled anything that is corrosive such as gasoline, pool chemicals, oil, etc.

it is used strictly for flea market vending. Trailer has less than 500 miles on it and there is already corrosion starting on the outside - mostly down around the bottom moulding. There are also a couple of spots up higher too. The back barn doors also leak because they are set wrong.

Local dealer said we need to go right to Forest River in Georgia. What a joke! They will re-skin trailer but we need to bring it to them, which, time wise would involve four trips ... Two up and two back from Florida.

They said they cannot arrange for it to be picked up from dealer where we purchased it.

Everyone says they have never seen corrosion on such a new trailer and yet they don't want to help us out and keep a customer happy. PLEASE BEWARE IF YOU LOOK AT O E OF THIS COMPANY'S TRAILERS!!!!

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Elkhart, Indiana, United States #673141

As a factory rep for a competitive cargo trailer company I can tell you what you are experiencing is called electrolosis. It is a chemical reaction caused from a steel screw bonding a sheet of aluminum to a steel frame.

It is an act of God that is increased by the presence of corrosive materials (Such as Florida salt air) and happens to every trailer made with these materials. ONLY way to get away from this happening is pony up the money from the start for an all aluminum framed trailer with the aluminum skin being taped on and not screwed w/ steel screws.

Also, if you opted for the cheaper .024 thickness skin instead of the .030 skin then you will notice this problem sooner. All boils down to you buying the cheapest thing you could find.

to Anonymous Elkhart, Indiana, United States #673149

Oh, and also considering that this is NOT a warrantied item by the manufacturer of the aluminum skin, it sounds like my competition is being MORE than fair by offering to put all new metal on the trailer for you. If I were you I would have already been on my way to Ocilla, GA to take them up on that instead of griping about them on this site. They were willing to lose more than 4 times the amount they made on this trailer to try to make you happy.

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