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We have a 2016 25rks forest river wildwood travel trailer and dont get me started it has been in shop so many times,like 2weeks to a month at a time latest is axels which i notice tires on back axels wearing on inside and questioned them on it so the techs looked at it and said the axels were bent and out of line . so forest river said they would replace them which they are doing but now we are waiting for answer from forest river cause tech is now questioning the weight he thinks the axels are under sized for weight class now they say brakes need to be done which find hard to believe and if so they should replace all brakes for free for all the inconvenience this has caused , such as replacing my whole front of trailer because paint all peeled off that was a jjob now there telling me i need to spend $600 to fix caulking around all the vents which everything looks fine too me .

i also have the best extended warranty that you can buy seriously this was a brand new trailer 16 months ago and all this stuff happened with in the first few months its taking this long to get things done ordering parts and stuff there is so much more that i wont get into but i am so pissed off that i think they should give us are money back or a brand new trailer with nothing wrong with it . they dont mine taking are money when we buy it which you don't hear back from after you buy for follow ups its not fair a lot of family's work hard to save up and to buy stuff for family enjoyment and should not have to go all this bs thats why we buy new so we dont have major problems or get ripped off after all its not like you are just dropping in for oil change .

Its a big hazzle hooking up taking it in like have nothing beter to do causes me time and money each time just like everyone else in are position. There has to be lemon clause

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Forest River Wildwood 25rks Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have a 2018 Forest River Forester 3051S,biggest piece of junk I have ever owned, there is not much that is right with it. Poor workmanship, cheap components i wish they would take it back!


Have you ever heard of spell check?


Your complaint is unreadable due to the run on sentences, poor spelling, and lack of general comprehension.

". they dont mine taking are money "

Really ? What ?

Sorry, no sympathy.

to William #1443142

Why in heavan's name would you criticize his spelling? You sir are an {{REDACTED}}!

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