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We just purchased a 2011 Flagstaff Micro-Lite travel trailer made by Forest River. It came with a Dometic DM2652RBF1 refrigerator. Apparently this refrigerator is a new design and has a ventilator fan somewhere in the rear. In our case this fan starts, runs for several seconds and stops and this occurs every minute or so. I've spoken to Dometic customer service a couple of times and had the dealer look at it. They've reported this to be working correctly.

Our problem is that we only camp in the NY State Parks in the Adirondack mountains, and there is (by law) no power at these campsites. You need to run on your batteries and are allowed to run a generator for a few hours each day to recharge the batteries. However due to the drain on the battery from this refrigerator fan, the battery loses at least 2/3 of its charge overnight, and after a couple of days there aren't enough allowable generator hours to get the battery back to full charge.

The net of it is that we have a brand-new trailer but it looks like we will have to replace the refrigerator with an older model that doesn't have this internal fan in order to use it at the campgrounds where we go.

So, anyone purchasing a new Forest River trailer should be aware that if they are equipped with one of these new Dometic refrigerators that have an internal fan, they probably won't be able to camp without 110 power for very long.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I just went thru the entire parts list for that reefer- there is NO FAN shown. Check it out here:


...it only needs 12vdc for the control circuit and that draw is tiny.

You must have some other problem sucking down your batteries....


We had one of these in out 19 foot Forest River. Same problem.

Dometic and Forest River wouldn't do anything.

Dealer suggested I void warranty by installing a switch to turn off the fridge fan at times when it doesn't need to run. We got rid of the trailer- never will buy another Forest River product nor buy rv from same dealer.


You could prob buy a dry cell battery to mitigate your problem. They're a little more expensive but it is said that they last twice as much as regular batteries.

I agree that u should not have to go thru this kind of hassle with a brand new trailor though. Hope this helps.

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