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I have a 2010 grey wolf camper , manufactured by Forest River. I reported warranty issues that needed addressed and this company conviently has no record of this all of the sudden , because my warranty just ran out , they had me take the camper to the dealer where I purchased it for evaluation of repairs and now won't repair it due to NO RECORD OF Me REPORTING it!!!!!

How convient !!! They came back with a counter offer of me towing the camper all the way to Indiana state from Pennsylvania !!! Plus paying half the labor for repairs that should be covered entirely by them!!!! I had all intentions of buying from them again, BUT THE KEYWORD HERE IS.

HAD!!!!!! I would just like my camper fixed is all and to be safe for my family, but if there are no records due to people not doing their job correctly I guess they are going to screw my family and I Wow!!! Gee thanks!!

It's funny how I'm expected to do things properly and follow through in life and these people , do nothing !!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States #732039

Just had a mess with a dealer in Butler on a new trailer..Picked out a trailer I wanted..a Rockwood 2304s with a Murphy bed. Called the dealer to finish out the details...the service manager calls us back and tells us that we are wrong, the price is $1020 more!

We were both there to hear the salesman, so sales Manager admits they gave the wrong price. Ok, I say, can we work something that we can get the stabilizing hitch help and brake assist for cost? He quotes a price $250 more on the stabilizer and $100 more on the brake assist than the other places we shopped at, and says no, they cannot deal, as they have parts money to make and labor costs. I said I would pay the labor.

NO. I then asked the price on title and transfer, as I figure he is a cheat..yep..$208 and the average here is $125-139. I am very disappointed in them, and will never deal with them again. The salesman never called us back..instead he had the service manager call us..chicken..

knew he screwed up. Not a good way to do business. I must add that there may be more than one dealer in Butler area, so cannot blame any but the one big one that we almost used.

We will now be buying another brand.

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